‘Green Inferno’ impresses with violent, terrifying story


Blood, guts, and cannibalism are the ingredients for a horrific, terrifying, but well done Eli Roth movie.

If you have a weak stomach and cannot handle some blood, this movie is definitely not for you. However, if you have been waiting for another Roth movie because “Hostel 2” was just not enough, then the “Green Inferno” is a perfect choice!

Leave it to Roth to make another cannibalistic-torture fetish movie to go along with his “Hostel” series.

Roth has been absent from the director’s chair since his last “Hostel” movie in 2007. It has been quite some time since he has displayed his movie magic.

Horror films for the past 10 years have been lacking in the horror department. It has always been the same thing, either about demonic dolls or houses.  But leave it to Roth to bring back the guts and gore that horror films have been lacking.

New York college student Justine (Lorenza Izzo), a lawyer’s daughter, meets a student activist named Alejandro (Ariel Levy) when he goes on a hunger strike on behalf of underpaid janitors. She plans to help as much as she can.

TGI PERU 073 - Magda Apanowicz, Kirby Bliss, natives.tif

Then the group that Alejando leads starts planning a trip to Peru. Justine agrees to help Alejandro take on his next project, to save the Amazon.

The plan was to strap themselves to trees and get national attention, and they successfully do so. She soon realizes they are using her for a pawn because of who her father is and begins to regret her decision.

The plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle, and she and the rest of their group are taken captive by a tribe of hungry cannibals.

She has to watch all her friends die by these people and begins losing hope.

This is the first movie in a long time to actually scare me enough to have nightmares and terrify me enough to not want to travel again.

The overall story seems quite typical. A student goes on a group trip, and they get stuck somewhere. But, of course, Roth’s twist on the story puts large amounts of blood and guts into the mix.

This movie can be offensive if mainstream viewers were to watch it. But that’s what is so great about this film. Nothing was held back.

People will leave the theatre completely grossed out and probably terrified to ever travel again to a different country.

It was a great movie, and it actually scared me enough to want to shut my eyes during some scenes. The actors did a phenomenal job, and Roth once again made a twisted hit movie that viewers with strong stomachs can handle.

I recommend this movie to anyone who can handle large amounts of gore, and can handle sitting on the edge of their seats.

This jaw-dropping movie definitely hit the R-ratings, which is always the goal of Roth.

I give this movie 5 stars out of 5 for it actually being terrifying and leaving me wanting to know more.

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