Larue making impact in red dirt Texas Country


Being the most recognized Texas country artist in the past decade, Stoney Larue has accomplished more than he could ever dream about.

Larue has made a big name for himself in the Texas country scene. Fans in both Oklahoma and Texas have been very good to him.

He is known for his red dirt, strong country music mixed with a little bit of Tejano.

Born in Taft, Texas, Larue was raised in Southeastern Oklahoma and began playing country music at a young age.

He eventually made his way to Stillwater, Okla., where he would play at different bars around the college areas.

His father was a musician, so Larue says that he was  born to do what he is doing.

“It has always been music,” Larue explains. “I have never wanted to do anything else. I’ve done it since I could remember.”

He and other big-name Texas country artists such as Jason Boland and Cody Canada used to live together. Larue formed his first band, “Organic Boogie Band,” and they released their first album, “Downtown,” in 2002.

Larue’s popularity just grew from there, as more albums followed. He has sold more than 300,000 records, and plays 200-plus shows a year.

People and the things around him inspire Larue to write his music.

“I’ve always been inspired by the things around, you know, just life itself,” Larue explains.

In his free time, Larue says he is either writing or playing the guitar. His hobbies always consist of music, though sometimes he will put down the guitar and do other things.

“I like being handy around the house,” he says, “yard work, anything domestic.”

After a decade of touring and playing on the stage, Larue still dreams of nothing else.

“I get to get paid for what I love doing, he explains. “Nothing can get better than that.”

Larue has played dozens of hit songs in his career. But like every artist, he has a few favorites.

“My favorite song to play live would have to be “Look at Me Fly,” Larue explains. “It’s about lifting yourself up and doing what you love to do.”

Larue says Lubbock has always been different in a good way, and he enjoys performing there.

“I love the culture about Lubbock,” Larue explains, “the food, the music. The crowd has always supported us 100 percent. The atmosphere is different, and it just feels good.”

Larue and his fans have pulled together a fan-based album titled “Us Time.” His fans got to choose the songs for the album, including some that had not been heard before. It took four months to make.

“It’s pretty cool,” says Larue. “We get to make a CD based on what our fans want. It all came together pretty awesome.”

He says that he wanted to make an album with music that he has shared with his fans throughout the years.

Larue and his band made their way to Lubbock on Oct. 13, performing at Wild West.

It was not all that surprising to see the parking lot packed by 9 p.m., even though the show did not start until 11 p.m.

The venue was crowded as more people just kept coming through the doors. When the show started, there was barely anyone not screaming or chanting.

Larue always has exciting shows, and never disappoints. His Lubbock show was not any different.

He played a total of 15 songs, including  “Oklahoma Breakdown,” “Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,” “Empty Glass,”  “One Chord Song,” “Let Me Hold You,” “First One to Know,” “Velvet,” “Look at Me Fly,” “Forever Young,”  “Texas Moon,” “Down in Flames,” “A Little Too Long,” “Aviator,” and  “Closer to You.”

Larue has many hits that have climbed the top 10 charts for Texas Country Music, and he will continue to have more success throughout his career. He has made quite an impact in the music business already.

Larue loves his fans, and he loves feeling connected to them.

“I say to everyone, just keep living life and do what makes you happy,”  concludes Larue.Stoney

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