Rape victims should not be blamed for wearing revealing clothing

by: DARIELLA HERNANDEZ/Editorial Assistant 

Imagine that there is a very rich man who decides to wear his favorite outfit along with his flashiest jewelry out and gets robbed.

Some might argue that it was the man’s fault. But I say it wasn’t.

I recently had this scenario presented to me, along with the question of “Was it the man’s fault?” Along with the question and scenario, they compared that with a woman wearing little clothing who gets raped. Was it her fault?

Recently, many people blame the victim. “Why was she wearing that skirt?” “Why was her stomach showing?” What people fail to look at is that teenage and adult women aren’t the only rape victims in the world. There are young girls, boys and even men who get raped every day. Was their clothing uncomfortably revealing? No.

Rape victims and molestation victims are not always women. Society seems to ignore the fact that there are more children who get raped than women. Even if the women were wearing revealing clothing, why would a man feel the need to go against all of his morals and rape this woman? That is not a valid argument. Men are not raised to force a woman to have sex with them based on clothing she is wearing.

Society is only focusing on what the women do and why they put themselves in that position. It is very sad that men don’t feel ashamed when they support a rapist and blame the victim. Rape is inhuman, yet rapists around the world get support and do not pay the consequences.


In a lot of developing countries, the young women who do get sexually assaulted are to blame. There are many documentaries that have studied how women are treated in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. These documentaries follow women and the measures they have to take in order to keep the men in their family satisfied.

In the documentary “India’s Daughter,” a young woman who was studying to be a doctor was walking home after going to the movies with some girlfriends at around 9 p.m. when she took a bus and was raped and killed by a group of men.

The men went about their days like nothing happened. Their excuse was “a decent lady would not be walking alone at night… why was she walking alone?”

It is so sad to see that’s where their point of view is. It is so strange to think that is what some men see as “human nature.”

Rape should not be blamed on the victim. He or she did not wish that upon himself or herself. Consent should always be required for any type of sexual activity.

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