‘Sisters’ entertains audience with comedy,great plot

by: JENNY GARZA/Entertainment Editor

Sisters may go through hard times and good times. But they can sometimes go through those times together.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are known for their “Saturday Night Live” skits, as well as their movie “Baby Mama.

In their new film, “Sisters,” they return to the big screen as two sisters whose parents are having a mid-life crisis and selling their childhood home.

Maura Ellis (Amy Poehler) is a nurse and divorcee whose life is in a slump. She puts all her effort into helping her family and helping other people.


Kate Ellis (Tina Fey) is an unemployed cosmetologist  and single mother whose daughter, Haley (Madison Davenport), has to be the adult because her mother won’t.

Usually, in the skits and movies that I have seen them in, it is usually the character Poehler plays that messes up. But not in this movie. Fey showed her skills and played a mess of a character, while Poehler plays the girl who has her life together.

Their parents tell them to come back home and clean out their room that they shared because the house belongs to someone else.


The sisters have other plans, as they begin recalling their own high school experiences. Kate was spunky and outgoing, while Maura was caring and had a dull high school experience.

Kate decides since Maura never got a chance to be rebellious or to have steady boyfriends, they will throw one of their famous parties so Kate can be the responsible one. If only she would be the responsible one on a daily basis.

Things go crazy from then on. The sisters fight, but they both get to have their own fun. Each sister gets to walk in the other’s shoes throughout the night. There are a lot of funny jokes, as these actresses either really love each other in real life like sisters or they are just amazing together. You can tell that they love each other and would do anything for the other.

In one scene, Maura tells Kate to go see if a nail salon is hiring. The man immediately tells her no after seeing the shape of her nails. Kate doesn’t want to seem like a disappointment to Maura, so she lies and Maura happens to be doing something for Kate without her even knowing it. There are scenes that can just be crazy, and then there are those scenes that get you in the feels.

I believe most people can relate to this movie, whether you have a sister, or you’re single mother, or have aging parents who still get on to their children for doing things that are not acceptable. Kate happened to be the character I enjoyed the most, because she showed a character who may have been a screw up, but she was willing to do just about anything for her daughter.

They chose great locations to shoot this movie as well. The best part to me was showing that you may be in your 40’s but you may still need a little growing up to do. You may also need to be that sister who needs to change her life up a bit and start living for herself and not for those around her.

I recommend seeing this film with either your sister or your mother. You will not be disappointed. It has a great plot, and the comedy in this film was straight on.

So for that and so much more, I will give this film 5 out 5 stars.

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