Deadpool accurately portrayed in new film

by: SARA MARSHALL/Photo Editor

Blood, gore, and explicit humor are necessary qualities of a great action movie.

Marvel is known for dishing out superhero movies yearly. But no one expected the introduction of the super-not-so-hero Deadpool to make $135 million the first three days in theaters, breaking many box-office records.

“Deadpool” is an action-comedy about the infamous red-clad “Merc with a Mouth” and his backstory as Wade Wilson, a mercenary-for-hire. This movie definitely lived up to all the hype created during and after production, and also every expectation I held walking into that dimly lit theater.

As the film begins, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, is sitting in the back of a cab, out of his mind with boredom. After rolling down the window a couple dozen times, he slides into the front passenger seat through the divider to chat with the cab driver until he is dropped off on the bridge to gain the ultimate revenge against Ajax, played by Ed Skrein.

Much to my delight, Deadpool classically breaks the fourth-wall throughout this scene and many after to address various events preluding this movie, such as the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie screw-up and the Merc’s unfortunately sewn mouth. These momentary breaks throughout the movie by Deadpool’s inner commentary caused many laughs and gasps through the theater’s audience. The commentary easily created a connection with the audience that is usually lacking in movies.

“Deadpool” was definitely action-packed throughout the entirety of the movie, with wonderfully gory and gruesome scenes to showcase the mercenary’s talents. Flawlessly switching from guns to katanas, Deadpool effortlessly dispatched a number of enemies in creative and almost humorous ways. With each new fight scene, I was absolutely delighted with the constant fourth-wall break of his inner commentary towards the audience, making the violence less intense, but still serious.


“Deadpool” even had an element of romance to highlight the movie’s Valentine’s Day weekend release. As he flashes from the present to his backstory as Wade, it’s realized that he is madly in love with Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin, who’s the crazy to Wade’s crazier. I honestly think that the intense love between Vanessa and Wade added so much depth to the story, allowing it to not just be another flat, action-packed movie.

The movie also introduced new X-Men franchise heroes such as Colossus, voiced by Stefan Kapicic, and Colossus’s trainee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, played by Brianna Hildebrand. Colossus was in the last X-Men movie briefly, but this movie definitely helped shape his character. He even tries to convince Deadpool to become an X-Men hero, even though Deadpool refuses countless times to “join the boyband.”

I believe Reynolds fully embraced the character of Deadpool and portrayed an accurate representation of the gray-area hero in this movie, with plenty of amusing one-liners, creative violence and explicit humor.

“Deadpool” definitely did not disappoint. With a record-shattering release to theaters, it seems others feel the same. I would definitely give “Deadpool” five stars out of five.

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