Animal abuse taken lightly causes concern

by:NICOLE TRUGILLO/Editor-in-Chief

Animals are a precious part of life.

They are so cute and sweet and I couldn’t think of anyone hurting my dogs (I have two). Which brings me to the question. Why are people so cruel to animals?

It was brought to my attention the past couple of days that there has been a lot of animal cruelty going around in the media.

On Feb. 18 on a beach in Argentina, tourists took it upon themselves to take a rare baby dolphin out of the ocean so they could take a selfie of it. Later, due to the lack of being in the water, the baby dolphin died. Anyone can look up the video on YouTube and you can see the dolphin being passed around for everyone to take selfies with it. Then, the dolphin was laid out on the sand and was left there for dead.

I watched a video with commentators commenting on the dolphin death and one guy said, “[The tourists] probably didn’t know dolphins are supposed to go back into the water. It’s not their fault.”

If you don’t know that dolphins aren’t supposed to be in on the surface for a long period of time then you’re stupid and you need to go back to science class.

That makes me incredibly sad and it breaks my heart to hear something like this in the media.

Another story I read on the Internet recently was a 6-week-old puppy was shot 18 times with a BB gun by a 17 and a 14-year-old.  This story isn’t as sad because a maintenance man rescued the puppy.

The incident happened in some apartments in Rock Hill, S.C. A young boy who tried to stop the teens couldn’t, so that’s when he got the maintenance man to go help the puppy.

Darryl Lietzesie was the maintenance man who saved the puppy’s life. He told reporters that the teenagers were starting to throw knives at the puppy before he rescued him.

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According to the veterinary clinic, the puppy has been adopted and is doing well.

Currently in Littlefield, there have been reports of someone going around the neighborhood and stealing dogs and killing them. I don’t know how much of this is true, but I did read in the newspaper that this man’s chihuahua was missing for a couple of days and the dog ended up gutted and the neck being sliced, which ended up in the owner’s lawn.

Despite any of this, I feel that animal cruelty is taken lightly. The teenagers from S.C were arrested. But what is there punishment going to be? The teenagers who were torturing that puppy, they show signs of psychopath behavior. That’s how it starts. Kids think it’s funny to harm and torture animals, and those same kids are the same people who are kidnapping and becoming serial killers. It’s disgusting.

Those beachgoers in Argentina aren’t going to be punished because apparently “they didn’t know” that dolphins aren’t supposed to be on land for a long period of time. Obviously those people aren’t going to get in trouble and that’s what makes me angry.

You don’t go around and kill animals. Why? What does someone so sick and sadistic get from that? How can anyone look a puppy in the eyes and shot them 18 times and throw knives at it? How and why?

People doing these things should be punished. I know it’s not the same as murdering a human, but it’s even worse because animals have no voice. Who’s going to protect them and care for them? Who’s going to stand up to these monsters we call humans?

It just really saddens my heart when I read something like this and it makes me angry when people get away with it.

I always tell people that I love animals more than humans and I stand by my statement. If I know one thing, I know that I will always stand up for those animals that are being tortured no matter what.

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