Allen reaches success without record label

by MARCELLA IVINS/Staff Writer

Hoodie Allen released a chart-topping new album for free, showing his loyalty and appreciation to his fans.

This album reached number one on the Rap and Independent Albums chart, reaching past “People Keep Talking” on Rap Albums.

From an Ivy League student at Penn to a rapper, Allen is just happy to be putting out music. He also worked full-time at Google while continuing his passion. He ended up continuing doing what he loved instead. He wasn’t sure of the reaction to his free album, which is available on his website, YouTube, and SoundCloud as well.  Although it is free, people are still able to buy it on iTunes, where it has reached No. 2.

Yes, Allen has worked at Google, but the most impressive thing about him is that he has turned down so many record labels and is still unsigned after producing music.

Because Allen is not with a label, he has to find a different means of getting an audience.  He mainly uses social media and the Internet by releasing videos.  He is also collaborating with another YouTube star, Max Schneider.  They have already released three songs together on YouTube.  Allen has been on tour with Kendrick Lamar and Fall Out Boy.  He is currently on tour with Blackbear and SuperDuperKyle in support of his new album, “Happy Camper.”

While not many people in the United States may know who Allen is, the United Kingdom is fond of him and his music.

Allen has said he called his album “Happy Camper” to be kind of sarcastic, because he’s not always a happy camper.  I’m sure we all can agree.  With our society and generation, we are all expected to put on a smiling face, no matter what we are feeling on the inside.


After listening to his album, I believe he reached his message with Happy Camper as far as emotions go.  This album has a total of 10 songs.   Some song titles include “Intro to Anxiety,” “So Close to Happiness,” and “Are You Having Any Fun?”

I really hope Allen can reach out to more music fans without a record label.  I also would describe his music as a mixture of rap, pop, and hip-hop.    For fans who have listened to his recent albums, they know the lyrics that are written are genuine.  That is one of the reasons I listen to Allen.

Allen is currently on tour for this album.  Before every performance, he takes a picture with the fans that are first in line who have camped out to see his show.  Allen then posts the photo to Instagram with the hash tag “Happy Campers.”

I do like other American hip-hop artists, but they are not doing what Allen is.  He is definitely taking a different route, and I hope other artists will start to do the same.  It’s impressive that an artist can reach success with his own team rather than having to be signed by a label.


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