Student offers insight on anxiety through personal experiences

by: DARIELLA HERNANDEZ/ Editorial Assistant 

Many people have begun to misuse the meaning of anxiety.

Some people will throw that word out whenever they are nervous or just in a rush. What people fail to notice is the immense meaning people with any type of anxiety disorder see behind that simple word.

Lately, I have been noticing people self-diagnose themselves with anxiety when they really have no idea what it is like to live with it. Anxiety doesn’t just happen when you notice a smudge on a mirror and get frustrated. It is much greater than that.

People don’t understand the mentality of a person diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. Our minds are always racing and on survival mode. A typical evening can turn into a nightmare due to the “what if’s” replaying in our minds.

It really bothers me seeing the term thrown around as if it is a fad, or something cool to have. People strive to be different from everyone else, so they will label themselves as anxious when, in reality, an anxious person would never want to talk about what goes on in his or her mind.

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Anxiety, just like depression, affects many young adults and college students. Dealing with a mental disorder while having to focus on the college student norms might clash with each other at times. Simple tasks might turn into a bad scenario made up by your mind by thinking too much. Things as simple as having to do your laundry might scare you because you don’t want to be alone in the laundry room. Although it might sound silly, ideas like that race through our minds on a daily basis.

Some people don’t take anxiety seriously because they think those who suffer from it can just shut the thoughts off. But it is more complicated than that. Although our thoughts can’t just be turned off, what I have found that helps me relax is doing homework, reading, and listening to soothing instrumentals.

Completing homework assignments makes me feel in control of myself, as well as in control of my mind. While focused, all I think about is the questions being asked and the answers I am trying to come up with. Reading and listening to soothing music keeps me busy while my imagination is active. The words and the music make a good enough combination to the point where my mind is focused on both at the same time.

Some days might be better than others, but keeping busy can really help others students with anxiety. Join a club, play a sport, or start a new hobby. These options will help keep you and your mind busy enough so you can finally let your mind rest.

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