Prophets and Outlaws forge new path with soulful southern music

by MALLORY CARVER/Feature Editor

New styles of music don’t pop up every day, but Prophets and Outlaws have mixed two styles together and created a catchy new sound.

Prophets and Outlaws offers a new and unique sound that blends southern rock with soul.

The sound of Prophets and Outlaws combines several genres, making them a versatile and well-liked by many. Some of their songs include “Country Music Gold,” “Soul Shop,” “Texas Home,” and “Sweet Soft Southern Smile.”

The band is comprised of five members, including two brothers. The band features Matt Boggs on vocals, Steven Guckenheimer on guitar, James Guckenheimer on drums, C.J. Thompson on bass and vocals, and Jamie Ringholm on keyboard and organ. All were raised in Dallas, Texas.

The Guckenheimer brothers grew up with a father who had experience playing drums for a band, and their mother taught preschool music classes.

“We grew up surrounded by music,” says James. “Every family gathering, we would all get together and sing. So that’s how we grew up socializing.”

Boggs attended the same high school as the Guckenheimer brothers, Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, which is how they met. They always played music together, and often had several groups of their own. But the official Prophets and Outlaws band was started about four years ago.

The band recently has been touring through Texas and other surrounding states such as Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico.

They released their new album, “V,” on March 25, playing their new songs for a live crowd for the first time just two days before. The album contains five new songs, “Show Me,” “Lonely,” “Party Like This,” “Outlaw Like Me,” and “We’re Gunna Make It.” All the songs on the new album feature the band’s unique, soulful sound.

Lubbock hosted this new band for a third time on March 4 at The Office Grill and Sports Bar. The show was a hit, according to Matt Boggs, who is the lead vocalist of Prophets and Outlaws. Boggs says that Texan crowds are always fun to play for, since a couple of their songs are written about Texas.

Prophets and Outlaws are just at the beginning of their career it seems. They gain more popularity every day, and are often featured on country music radio stations.

“We are constantly on tour,” says Boggs. “I’m excited to see where we’re headed from here.”

The band will return to Lubbock on May 10. They’ll be performing with several other groups, including Sam Riggs, Shane Smith and the Saints, Dalton Domino, Dolly Shine, and Parker McCollum.

With their new album out and their tour, Prophets and Outlaws say that they’re excited to continue their road to success.

The band encourages young, aspiring musicians to stay true to their own style.

“Play what you want to play,” says Boggs. “You sound like you, so don’t let people tell you how to sound.”

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