‘Batman v. Superman’ disappoints with boring storyline

by RILEY GOLDEN//Editorial Assistant

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” only contains about 30 minutes of action for an entire two and a half hours of a comic book movie, and it’s all at the end.

The first time Batman and Superman meet is very anti-climactic. Superman is chasing Batman through the streets of Metropolis for a bit, only to lead up to the two heroes coming face to face for nothing violent or physical to really happen. And that’s one of the most exciting scenes in the movie.

Sadly, the movie is made up of mostly different scenes that don’t really flow. The result is a choppy film that leaves the viewers wondering how the heroes got from one scene to the next. Most of the movie shows Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent doing things that might or might not be related to the previous scene. Most of the movie features the heroes in their civilian clothes, which is quite disappointing. One scene shows Bruce Wayne sneaking into Lex Luthor’s party to download some information. Why couldn’t Batman do this?

Thirty minutes or so into the movie, the audience gets the first glimpse of Batman. And he’s standing in the corner in a very odd position. Then a very animated-looking blur moves through the room (that’s supposed to be Batman). Other than that, Wayne doesn’t really put the Bat-suit on in the movie much.

There’s one scene toward the end of the movie when Batman takes out 10-plus guys, and it’s so awesome. Fans of Batman finally get to see the Bat that isn’t stiff but flows through combat. Watching it is like playing one of the “Batman: Arkham” games, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. I wanted the whole movie to be as satisfying as that one scene, That scene was extremely satisfying. That fight scene was on par with the Marvel movies.


But, sadly, the rest of the movie wasn’t. It dragged on so much in the first two hours. For all of that time spent on developing the storyline, there isn’t much to it.

The conflict between Batman and Superman is really pretty weak. It has a decent start, as Batman’s rage stems from Superman’s battle with fellow Kryptonian, General Zod. During the fight, the Wayne Tower gets destroyed with all of the employees still in it, and this sets Bruce off.

After that, Batman’s rage doesn’t grow into much. Batman is an extremely smart and wise person, and he’s never been this blind. It’s obvious that Superman is doing good in the world, and Batman ignores it. He’s willing to kill Superman, breaking his one rule of not killing people. Except he has already killed in this movie.

Batman wrecks a few cars that would have definitely killed the passengers, and he blows up multiple vehicles from the Batwing, killing at least 12 people. Did Warner Bros. not watch this movie? Did they not ask where Batman is for the first two hours?                                                                                                                                       

The movie really doesn’t get all that good until about the last 45 minutes. They show what’s on the flash drive, and it’s early footage of the Justice League. It shows Cyborg being built, Flash saving someone in a convenience store, and Aquaman spearing an underwater camera.

Eventually Batman and Superman fight, and, sadly, a lot of that action was revealed in the trailers for the movie. The fight only lasts around eight minutes, and the fight ends essentially because Bruce’s and Clark’s mothers share the same name. It was kind of ridiculous.

Soon after that, Luthor unleashes Doomsday on the cities of Gotham and Metropolis. The fighting at the end, with Superman and Wonder Woman tag teaming Doomsday, is pretty cool.

All that being said, the first two hours of the movie are super boring. Yet the fighting at the end was very enjoyable. I give “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” a 3 out of 5 stars.

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