Fourth season of ‘House of Cards’ ends on suspenseful note

by HAIDEN HAWKINS//Staff Writer

The third season of “House of Cards” was a bit of a letdown, and leaving many questions unanswered.

Will Frank (Kevin Spacey) be able to keep himself together without his powerful partner Claire (Robin Wright), now that it seems that the two have split? Then there is Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), whose conscience is getting the best of him in the last few minutes of the final episode of season three.

If you’re a true fan of “House of Cards,” then you probably have already binge-watched all of season four. Thankfully, the fourth season begins to answer those questions that some have been asking themselves since the end of season three.

It starts with a dramatic bang when the audiences comes to find out not only has the power couple spilt, but they are at odds with one another. Bringing Wright’s character to new heights, it’s a new Claire that the fans have never seen before. Claire has been there every step of the way for Francis as his partner in crime, plotting and scheming to get the power they had dreamed of.  But now that the tables have turned, she can now take down Francis. She is the only person who can bring him down, because she knows how to hurt him. She knows Francis better than anyone, making her a very powerful person.


On the other hand, Frank Underwood looks as though he’s tired and drained from his duties as being the commander in chief of the United States. With Stamper doing his dirty work, that won’t be enough to get the votes he needs for another term in office. The election is right around the corner, and the odds of winning back the White House are slim. He must do everything he can to get Claire back beside him doing what they do best together. As Claire tries to use this to her advantage, running for a Senate seat, she will soon come to realize that Francis will double cross her.

In this season, Frank makes new enemies and has new threats to contend with. This includes the Russian president and his own party, as Frank will have to put up a fight for the running mate he desires to have on board with him. Then he has to deal with the introduction of the cocky and deceitful Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman), the Republican nominee who is no threat to Underwood, but Conway does keep Frank on his toes.

Season four is intense season with its twists and turns. It will have you at the edge of your seat every episode.

Season four had an amazing ending, leaving you wanting more. However, there is reason to be cautious, since the original creator, Beau Willimon, isn’t returning for season that leaves the question of whether season five will be as good as the rest of the series.

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