Alcazar hopes to continue family nursing tradition

by RILEY GOLDEN/Editorial Assistant

BreAhna Alcazar says her interest in the medical field runs in her blood.

The Pre-Nursing major at South Plains College took dual-credit classes in high school, and she played the saxophone in band, and participated in HOSA-Future Health Professionals, formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, and has always been interested in Nursing.

“I used to watch the “E.R.” shows when I was younger,” Alcazar says. “I have two doctors in the family, a bunch of nurses, respiratory therapists, and occupational therapists. So I guess you could say it runs in my blood. I’ve just kind of always wanted to be a nurse.”

Alcazar plans on getting her degree in nursing and going right into her field because of how expensive school is, and how hard the process has been up to this point.

“Last semester, I had this whole plan set, and then all of a sudden I realized how expensive it was going to be to go through nursing school, and how hard it was going to be on me,” says Alcazar. “I’ve changed my mind again; I don’t know exactly what nursing I’m doing. But I had to take three science classes this semester. I took anatomy last year, and I still have to take another science next year.”

Alcazar is still unsure of what route she will be taking in nursing, though she is confident it will be in the medical field.

“I’m stuck between going for my LVN or my RN, because I talked to Covenant and they have me leaning towards RN, because I only have one more prerequisite for that,” Alcazar said. “And with LVN, I would have to get two more prerequisites.”

It’s a lot of work and stress on Alcazar, but she’s pushing through.

“In total, I think it’s five sciences, your history, English, and all of your other basics,” says Alcazar. “I’m taking 12 hours this semester, a history class in the summer, and I think I have 26 credit hours.”

Alcazar said that the hardest part so far has been trying to balance studying with having a social life.

“I study between one and three hours a day,” said Alcazar. “And I’m maintaining As and Bs in my classes.”

BreAhne Alcazar hopes to continue nursing tradition. MATT MOLINAR/PLAINSMAN PRESS

Alcazar has also had a hard time making friends because the nursing program is so competitive.

“I wish I would’ve known that everyone in my classes is lying to you, or out to get you,” Alcazar says. “They want your spot in Nursing School.”

Alcazar knew that nursing school was not going to be easy, although she signs up for classes as soon as she can and doesn’t take more than she can handle.

“If you don’t think you can handle the load, then don’t take it,” says Alcazar. “And if you need a break, take it.”

Alcazar adds, “The only way to make it through nursing school is to have good teachers and schedules, so make sure you sign up early for classes.”

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