Christian novelist publishes first murder mystery

by: MALLORY CARVER/Feature Editor

Everyone loves a good mystery.

Rhonda Russell, has just published her fifth book, and her first true-crime murder mystery, “The Difference.”

Her previous books include “I Promise You the Moon,” “The Best Things in Life are Free,” “Life: A Moving Target,” and “Walking Into a Nightmare.”

Russell is a retired licensed vocational nurse. She has three daughters who have given her nine grandchildren.

She began writing at a time of what she calls “a stand-still time in my life,” in 2010.

“I’m an avid follower of God,” says Russell. “When He told me I’d start writing, I didn’t believe it.”

When she started thinking of writing, she began doing research on things that had come to her. Since then, she hasn’t had a dull moment.

Russell’s faith inspired her first few books, which were all Christian-Romance novels. She says that it made her happy to hear that her books were able to have an affect on the lives of others.

Through writing, Russell has had the motto, “Even if I only sell one book, I did better than I would have if I were sitting on the couch.”

Her fifth book is her first true-crime murder mystery. She says as far as writing went, it was a lot of fun to create the story.

“After all,” she says. “I’ve always had a flare for drama.”

Russell’s flare for drama has already inspired her to write a sixth book, “The Death of a Marriage” that will be released later in the year. This book will also be a true-crime murder mystery.

Photo courtesy of Rhonda Russell

Russell grew up in Yuma County, Colo. and moved to Lubbock in 1989. She’s been a qualified LVN since 1976, and just recently retired, though she is still qualified.

Despite enjoying writing as a child, she did not go to school to become an author. Her father was a very talented artist, being able to do freehand drawings. But Russell says that she was the first of her family to pursue writing. Her sister chose to become a housewife, and her brother is a police officer.

“The Difference” takes place in the Chicago area. It begins with two infant boys, who were taken to the same nursery where they stayed for only a short time. This short time spent together as infants created an unseen bond between them.

As the boys grew up, they are affected by this “unseen bond” throughout the experiences of their lives. Russell says the reader will be able to sense that bond. Russell says that she thinks it’s a very good novel.

Russell put a lot of work into her writing, and it has paid off, she says.

She says that her first book was scary to take through the publishing process, but she felt a sense of pride when she got her first hard copy of her work.

Russell says aspiring authors should be sure that they not only have the talent of writing, but to be sure that they have an anointing as well.

Russell’s novels range over a wide variety of topics. She says that she looks forward to writing more books and entertaining more readers.

Her books are available online and in stores.

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