Escamilla, Mumy place first in ‘Dancing with the Texans’

by ALEX PEREZ/Staff Writer

With a shiny disco ball trophy in their reach, eight couples came together and performed during the “Dancing with the Texans” competition on April 14th in the Sundown Room in the Student Center. The event was packed with family, friends, students and faculty as the showdown commenced.

The evening was kicked off by the talented duo of Jesse Day, assistant professor of computer information systems, and Maricella Ramos. They brought back the ‘80’s with an upbeat dance to the soundtrack of “13 Going on 30.”

The next couple used “the force” to win the judges over as Enrique Escamilla, advisor for student services, and Kathryn Mumy staged a “Star Wars” battle scene with a dancing twist. The third couple before intermission was out of this world with a lover’s tale from outer space. Tina Lee, associate professor of physical education, and Michael Siebman danced to the tunes of “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

In Act 2, the audience went back in time to the ‘50’s with Janna Holt-Day, professor of speech, and Adam Orozco as they did a number to the music of “The Great Gatsby.” The fifth dance of the night featured Valorie Duvall, workforce development community programs specialist, and Scott Long, who snuck into the competition with their version of James Bond and music from “Golden Eye.” The last couple of the second act jived their way onto the dance floor. Erin Witt, instructor of commercial music, and Saif-Aldeen Diab energized the room with a fun dance to the music from the movie “The Mask.”

Kathryn Mumy and Enrique Escamilla were awarded the disco ball trophy at ‘Dancing with the Texans’ on April 14 in the Sundown Room of the Student Center JENNY GARZA/PLAINSMAN PRESS

The final two dancers kept the night going after another intermission of dancing and snacks. Juan Partida, instructor of cosmetology, and Maria Rodriguez turned up the heat with a spicy number to “Take the Lead,” with an unexpected ending. Partida took a knee as he was draped with a cape like a luchador wrestler. Last, but certainly not least, Robin Coler, graduation clerk, and partner Joseph Rodriguez took the stage as a rock ’n roll duo dancing to “Rock of Ages.”

All eight couples were the stars of the night. They were also accompanied by other dances from members of the SPC Ballroom Dance Team and general dancing during intermissions.

The winners of the night were announced as the dancers took the floor for the last time. The host, John Pratt, announced the three final contestants as Escamilla- Mumy, Holt-Day- Orozco and Witt-Diab.

The winners of the disco ball trophy were Escamilla and Mumy. They took the audience on an intergalactic journey through a rendition of “Star Wars” with a twist. The action role playing went well with the dancing as they used “the force” to turn up the competition and win. “Just keep dancing!” Escamilla said.

After the win, Escamilla added that he “just had a great time and got to meet new friends.”

For most of the faculty contestants, the competition was out of their comfort zone. But they all say they had a lot of fun and was a great experience.

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