Fort Worth Zoo features exotic animals, multiple exciting exhibits

by ALEX PEREZ/Staff Writer

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to hundreds of animals from all around the world.

They have multiple exciting exhibits for all ages, from huge African elephants to a human sized birdcage to the penguins of Antarctica.


The first exhibit as you walk into the canopy-covered utopia is the bubblegum pink flamingo. Tourists flock to the exhibit to take photos of the beautifully-colored birds. Next up is the Museum of Living Art. This exhibit is full of reptiles, fish, and amphibians. Every inch of the building is covered in some sort of exhibit that displayed the various animals that are found all over the world. The Museum of Living Art is an interesting exhibit because it is home to endangered species as well as some weird looking ones. Children gaze upon the oblivious animals such as the king lizard and excitement fills their eyes. The Museum of Living Art really comes to life when visitors are able to pet an actual snake. People line up for a feel of the surprisingly soft snakeskin.

Next up is a stop inside a huge birdcage that really took flight. In Parrot Paradise, people of all ages are able to walk into a large birdcage with hundreds of bird flying around and eating off of the seed sticks. As you walk in, the sight of birds flying all around overwhelms people at first. But soon after it becomes very enjoyable. The only thing that you have to worry about is to watch your head when passing birds fly over… they just ate. (If you know what I mean.)


Another exhibit featuring amazing animals is the World of Primates. These guys really know how to attract a crowd, as this was the busiest exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo, right up there with the lions, of course. With a huge outdoor and indoor exhibit, the primates swing from vines as well as enjoy some lunch as they roam their territories. Sightings of orangutans, baboons, gorillas and other primate species make the World of Primates a fun place to be.

Christian Ruiz pets a snake at the Fort Worth Zoo on March 26. ALEX PEREZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

My favorite exhibit on the journey through the world of animals is the African elephant exhibit, complete with a whole family of elephants. They all come running into the play area, and head straight for the pond, where they splash around as well as bathe themselves. The elephants were the main attraction for me, and they did not disappoint.

All along the nature trail, people can see a wide variety of animals from all over the world in the exciting exhibits the Fort Worth Zoo has to offer. With exhibits such as the Penguins, Raptor Canyon, African Savannah, and Texas Wild!, along with interactive games to play, the Fort Worth Zoo will always be a great choice for a weekend activity.

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