New student body president excited to bring change

by DARIELLA HERNANDEZ//Editorial Assistant

The Student Government Association at South Plains College allows students to represent the student body as one.

With the help of voters, a president and chair members are selected to make a team in hopes of bringing change to the campus.

The Student Government elections for this semester, next fall, and next spring were held about a week after spring break, explained Jaycee Caldwell, the newly-elected SPC student body president.

To help with votes, “posters were put up around campus to encourage people to run [and vote] for office,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell was encouraged to run for office when she saw the flyers.

“I saw the flyer and immediately went and talked to Mrs. Ann Epps in the Student Life Center,” said Caldwell. “She answered all my questions about the president position for the Student Government Association.”

After talking to Epps, Caldwell knew that running for president was what she wanted to do.

Jaycee Caldwell, new student Government Association president, at the Quad on April 26. BRANDI ORTIZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

“I felt like this was my chance to really get involved with the student body,” said Caldwell.

Before the start of the campaign, the students running for office had to go through an application.

“I had to fill out a small application and get students on campus to sign it,” said Caldwell. “The signatures were basically saying that they would support me and thought that I was a fit candidate.”

After turning in the application, the process of posting flyers to gain support began. Along with flyers, some students personalize their campaign by adding sweets or other goodies to their flyers.

“I made flyers to pass out to students, hang up around campus,” explained Caldwell.

“I [also] passed out candy and flyers encouraging people to vote on the two days of voting.”

Once the candidates get a chance to get their word out, the voting process comes next.

“Voting took place in the Student Life Center,” said Caldwell.

“Some candidates had the chance to give a speech in the snack bar area during lunch on both voting days.”

“As a candidate for president, I felt it was necessary to let people know why I was running and what I planned on doing if I won,” said Caldwell, explaining why she decided to give a speech.

Instead of preparing a speech, Caldwell decided to just speak to her audience. By just talking as if she was having a conversation with a friend, Caldwell was able to show her true side.  This tactic allows the candidate to gain support by being friendly and open with the voters. Unlike a scripted speech, it seems more genuine.

“Now that I have been elected president, I am open to any new ideas to better student life,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell is thrilled to get started with her new officer team and has plenty of ideas in mind.

She also looks forward to the next few semesters. Caldwell says she is “excited and cannot wait to bring so much more to the South Plains College and to the Student Government Association.”

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