Higher cognitive functions due to increased gameplay


There are many opinions on what video games can do to a child’s brain and functioning.

Video games are one way for people to get away from their work, family, or just the real world, in general.  Playing games has been said to corrupt a child’s mind with murder and violence. But is that really the case?

Many games have been made more graphic and realistic within the past few years, whether it be with gun violence or gore, or even nudity. But what about all the other attributes to gaming?  Recently, researchers have been studying whether video games actually help brain function and cognitive function in not only children, but in adults and teens as well.  For example, one scientist gathered 72 people to play 40 hours of video games during six and eight-week periods.  As thought, it improved their memory, reaction time, and cognitive function.

The more gaming time you have, the better your brain function is.  I have been gaming since I was 10 years old, and I can say that through the years, I have been able to retain more of what I’ve learned in school and at home, which has helped improve my grades as well as my motor function.


Gaming is one of the best ways to improve your memory, reaction time, and cognitive function.  If there is one thing I can say about gaming, it’s that it has a certain pull toward it, whether it is something that interests you, like the backstory, the characters, or just the graphics. But whatever it is, it causes one to immerse themselves entirely.

There are many types of games, even those specifically made for improving your brain functionality.  For example, there are fantasy games, motor games, learning, and even cosmetic games. Whichever gaming style you choose is up to you, and what pulls you toward it is just like when gravity pulls us towards the earth’s surface, there is no escaping it.

More research is being conducted every day on this theory.  The more we research, the more we figure out new and maybe even better ways of learning.  Also, we have discovered that the younger we start to learn by gaming, the more our memory can withhold.  There is no limit with this theory.

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