Rio facing criticism of preparation for Olympics

by NICK ALVARADO//Sports Editor

Before the 2016 Summer Olympics began, the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was hit hard by questions that pertained to the topic of readiness for the games and the outbreak of the Zika virus.

To Rio’s credit, the security was smooth throughout the Olympiad, and no major issues were faced.

In the Olympic Village, the living conditions were not the best.

Athletes stayed in other places since they declined to reside in the Olympic Village because of what they perceived as horrid living conditions. Problems included blocked plumbing, exposed wiring, toilet problems and disconnected fire alarms. These are only the few of the problems among the extensive list of problems that were uncomfortable for athletes.

Other athletes took it upon their country’s Olympic delegation to find residence elsewhere in Rio. Team USA men’s and women’s basketball teams rented out a luxury cruise ship and stayed on the ship for the entire Olympics. The rest of Team USA stayed in the Olympic Village.

Another reason why Rio was not ready for the games is the political unrest occurring before and during the games. This was the most severe political crisis since the 1930s. Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Roussef, was impeached in May over reports that she doctored Brazil’s accounts of the fiscal situation. Roussef is not the only one being blamed for this. Many lawyers in Brazil have been accused of corruption, and it has hurt the trust in the government for Brazilian citizens. Many fans were worried about protests getting violent during the games, but that was not the case, which was good news.

The main problem that everyone was hearing about was the pollution of waters and the health concerns because of that.

The Zika virus has spread throughout the world since it began in Africa. Now, about two billion people across the world are deemed to be at risk. The disease has mainly affected pregnant women, causing birth defects in babies when they are born. Before the games, Brazil was deemed to be at high risk for the disease. The Brazilian government discouraged women who were trying to conceive, since Brazilian women who were pregnant or trying to become pregnant were at risk.

Another problem that arose on the third day of the games was an Australian photographer having his equipment stolen by a Brazilian citizen. The equipment cost estimated to be about $40,000. The photographer found his equipment by finding the thief, who was disguised as a media member.

A main problem that everyone saw was the crowds, or lack thereof. The attendance was low at numerous events such as basketball, track and field, volleyball, table tennis and badminton. The atmosphere is not the same without the fans. Fans should support the athletes, who have put in countless hours of training and competed to get to the Olympics. It is dissapointing to see low attendance on the highest stage in all of sports.

Overall, Rio was not ready for the big stage. This Olympics was the most discussed with the distractions including health outbreaks, political unrest, low attendance and environmental issues. With the economy being unstable, the games should have been held elsewhere, but the Olympic Committee votes on the host city.

As fans of the Olympics, we should also be voicing our opinions on which worldwide city should host the next Olympics. A city’s surroundings is key when coming to making an important decision about the biggest stage in all of sports.

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