Shocking decision, newcomers cause stir during season 12 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

by BRITTNY STEGALL//Staff Writer

You don’t have to worry about a code blue, because Season 13 of “Grey’s Anatomy” is about to begin.

The first episode will air Sept. 22. This is exciting news for avid Grey’s fans, since the last episode of Season 12 ended in May. Season 13 is said to focus on the “original” cast, although this is only a rumor and has not yet been confirmed by Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator.

Season 12 was a roller coaster full of emotions for fans, as well as those involved in the making of the TV series, for many reasons. With the loss of her husband, Derek, Meredith Grey has been trying to get her feet back on the ground with two kids and a new born, just to get knocked down again. Meredith has to fight for her life and her children’s love again after a mishap with a patient.

The season begins with Grey and her children moving into their old house, because the house she built with Derek becomes too much too bare. The new race for Chief of Surgery has also begun at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Miranda Bailey is introduced to a new-comer Dr. Tracy McConnell, which is Catherine Avery’s candidate for Chief of Surgery. Bailey withdraws from the race, due to the pressure put on by Dr. McConnell. But her husband Ben manages to convince her to fight for her position as Chief. After giving her speech mid-surgery, Bailey is elected Chief of Surgery.

Tension continues to rise between Jackson Avery and April Kepner when she comes home after serving as a trauma surgeon abroad.  Then, while a dinner party at Meredith’s house is happening, an unexpected guest shows up with Callie Torres named Penny Blake, also known as the woman who took Derek’s life. Dinner does not end well that night, with everyone finding out that the person sitting at their table killed their beloved doctor. Little do they know that she has accepted a position as the new resident at Grey-Sloan Memorial and will be working alongside each of them.

Later in the season, Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital builds the “Dream Team” of Torres, Bailey, Avery, Grey, and Jo Wilson to be sent to a military hospital to perform a risky, but yet lifesaving surgery on a military veteran who is a father and husband.  Meredith tries to get back into the dating field with a new doctor from the military hospital, but soon she realizes she is not ready for that kind of commitment since the passing of Derek.

Three residents, Wilson, Stephanie Edwards, and Blake, vie for the Preminger Grant, which is a prestigious award given to one resident at Grey-Sloan Memorial. Blake wins, but with one catch. She has to move to New York in order to receive it. This leaves her torn to choose between her job and her girlfriend, Torres. Torres desperately wants Blake to ask her to go with her, and she finally does. This leaves Torres and Arizona Robins feuding about the custody of their daughter, Sophia, because Callie plans on taking Sophia to New York with her and Penny. The custody battle turns ugly, but there is a happy ending for one.

April realizes she is pregnant with Jackson’s baby, all while dealing with a nasty divorce. But she decides to keep it to herself until things settle down. Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd’s relationship sparked, reaching new levels of intimacy for each of them, which might cause problems later in Season 13 with another resident at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Tension levels also rose between Hunt and a new doctor, Nathan Riggs, at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital due to past events in each of their lives. This all occurred before things got steamy between Grey and Riggs.

With chemistry developing between Grey and Riggs a problem appears with Grey’s sister Maggie Pierce. While at the wedding Grey and Riggs lock eyes, in which Pierce thinks he’s looking at her. Maggie has been struggling all season to find a boyfriend, and she finally thinks she has a chance with Riggs. Little does she know that Grey and Riggs previously had sexual relations, which could cause problems between Grey and Pierce later in season 13.

Things are looking brighter at the end of season 12, with a wedding in play and the best woman in labor. A new marriage is born, as well as a baby under very stressful conditions. Season 12 was full of drama, both good and bad, which leaves many possibilities for Season 13.

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