BackTalk: Pokémon GO app sparks debate

New gaming trend consumes lives

by CALEB BROWN//Staff Writer

I grew up on the show “Pokémon,” and I had almost all of the toys.

I even collected all the cards. I would take them with me to school and trade with my friends. My friends and I would all talk about the episode that aired the night before at recess and would battle each other. Whoever had the best Pokémon card would be the winner and would take your cards. Every card and Pokémon had its own abilities.

If you didn’t like Pokémon, you would be left out, because that’s what was in at the time, at least for my generation. Everyone liked it; even some girls would play with us. But I noticed that as my generation got older, they grew out of Pokémon as if it was some kind of phase. But not me. I still like Pokémon to this day, from the characters to the idea of it. Of course, I didn’t show it, because I would be made fun of. It’s supposed to be just for kids nowadays.

As time passed, Pokémon was starting to fade away. They tried to bring its popularity back by trying to make new episodes and different types of video games for all kinds of games systems.

But I think they took it too far when they made Pokémon GO. In a way, it takes out the culture. By that, I mean everyone is trying to play without even knowing about any of the characters, or even about the show itself. There are people who would make fun of me for playing or liking Pokémon. They would have called me names such as ‘’lame’’ and others. But now that everyone else is playing, it’s cool and the thing to do.

I don’t understand people sometimes. But the thing I do know is everyone is always into the latest trend. Whether it’s clothes or music, people are most likely to follow the latest trend. That’s how Pokémon GO got so popular, not just in America, but all around the world.

When people are into the latest trends, it’s easier for big gaming corporations to promote their product. I don’t think it’s wrong to play Pokémon GO, but it has its downfalls. Every time I talk to people about it,

They always have the same arguments. They say it’s a great game because it gets people moving and active, which is good. But people have actually died playing. When people are dying from a dumb game, you probably shouldn’t play.

Of course, they would argue that those who have died were irresponsible, but it does not matter.

People let Pokémon GO consume their lives. I have friends who are obsessed with the game. They have literally missed their jobs and even skipped school just to play Pokémon GO. I think Pokémon GO is ridiculous, because it consumes people’s lives. It has gotten out of hand.

I saw a video on my Facebook recently showing a huge mob of people in New York’s Central Park. They all had found what is called a legendary Pokémon. They are considered extremely rare, and I’m told they’re hard to find. The problem with that is everyone in the video was so consumed by the game that they totally forgot about all the traffic. People were scattered everywhere. It looked like mayhem.

That’s why I don’t like Pokémon GO. It consumes people’s lives, and they forget it’s just a game on your phone.   

Phone gaming app increases physical activity, communication

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer

Whether you’re chasing a Squirtle or taking over a gym, Pokémon GO is great fun for trainers of all ages.

Pokémon GO has exploded all over the world in the past few months. Everybody knows about this game, even if they don’t play themselves. There are so many benefits to this game, no wonder it is such a hit.

One benefit of Pokémon GO is that it is intended to get people to go outside and walk. People have been walking all over towns and campuses to catch them all. There are not many others apps out in the world that make exercise as fun as Pokémon does. One thing that has been brought up is people using their cars. The game has come under fire for people playing on their phone while driving.

However, the game itself isn’t at fault for people misusing it. The game is intended for walking, not driving. When you enter the app, there is even a pop-up that states, “Don’t Pokémon and drive.” The game shouldn’t get a bad reputation for something it clearly prohibits. The app even senses when you are driving in a car based on your speed. A warning will pop up asking you if you are a passenger in the car. When the game is used for its intended purpose, there are many greats thing that come out of playing.


Another great part of Pokémon GO is that it has no age boundary. People of all ages have had fun playing this game. Kids who have never even heard of Pokémon before the game are now becoming huge fans. The game has built a whole new generation of Pokémon trainers.

For parents, the game is a great way to associate with their children. They can catch Pokémon with the kids on a walk, or even join the same team. Teens and young adults, who grew up with Pokémon, are able to reconnect with their childhood. The game has a huge vibe of nostalgia for many young adults. They play the game, and see children playing it. The game has allowed new and old generations to connect from just a phone app.

The number one thing that has made Pokémon GO a hit is the socialization. It is a way for people who may be complete strangers to build relationships.  Walking around a college campus, you can find dozens of students playing the game. A big part of the game is meeting people who also enjoy the game.

People are able to discuss different Pokémon stops, the best places to go, and share tips. People started forming groups that would go play together every night.  With the forming of new friendships, the game has also created fun rivalries. The three teams, Mystic, Instinct, and Valor, compete with each other to take over gyms.

Overall, when the game is played responsibly, everyone can have fun and enjoy catching all the Pokémon they can. I invite everyone to download the game. Whether you are a level 4 or a level 30, the fun is unlimited. It is a great way to pass time, get active, and make new friends.

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