Auction, dinner held for ‘Heroes for Horses’ in Lubbock

by AARON FLORES//Staff Writer

Easy R is an organization that deeply cares about the safety and wellbeing for horses.

Their main mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, and disabled horses back to good health. 

Easy R was cofounded in  2009 by Terry and Angie  Alspaugh.

It was created  so families  can help horses in need.  You can go to the rescue  center where you can  visit the horses and give them the loving support and care that  they so direly need. Easy R  is  coordinating  with  local  law enforcement, other  animal welfare agencies, and other individuals who want to be apart of  their foster  compassion  program.

The goals are to provide  rehabilitation for the horses, which includes dental and  farrier services, veterinary  examinations, medical care,  proper grooming, and daily  feeding regiments, even for  the most malnourished  horses. The program even  has a training center to re-establish all the horses back  in tip-top shaped. The  rehabilitation for all horses  includes adoptive homes,  other equine programs that  specialize in horses, or a  permanent residence at  Easy R, which is located in Lubbock.

Sponsors for Easy R   can chose between four different  levels with a monthly  donation. Bronze level, $65  per month, can cover  half the cost for a rescue  horse. Silver level, $125  per month, covers the full  cost for a rescue horse.  Gold level, $175 per month, covers the full feed cost,  semi-annual vaccinations,  quarterly de-worming,  regular farrier service, and  annual  dental  work  for  one  horse. Platinum level, $250  per month (for horses with special needs), covers all  costs, plus rehabilitative  services such as medical  care, medications and  chiropractic. Those who  don’t want to become a  sponsor can volunteer at  Easy R, lend a helping hand with grooming horses, doing barn chores and assisting  with youth activities.

Easy R isn’t just a  rehabilitation center for  horses, but also is a place  where families can grow  together and find love for   one of nature’s beautiful  animals. The rescue center  has a youth center where  little kids can care, groom,  and ride horses. The youth  program teaches kids how  to properly care and feed  horses, as  well as how to  saddle the horses and how  to take care of horses. The  foundation has even let  local schools have field  trips to the rescue center.

They have an annual  dinner  honoring  everyone  who’s helping out Easy R recognizing their support,  along with a silent auction,  door prizes, and raffles.

They even have live music from a local band,  and special guests such as Chad Prather, who is an entertainer  and motivational speaker. “Heroes For Horses,” which was held on Sept. 24, is a noble cause because it can bring a local community together to help  the lives of horses that are  in need.

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