Penn State memorial causes national uproar

by STEVEN GEHEGAN//Editorial Assistant

It seems we live in a world where no matter what you do, as long as you are good at football, we will forgive you.

During a recent game against Temple University, Pennsylvania State University thought it would be a good time to honor their former head football coach, Joe Paterno. It had been 50 years since Paterno coached his first ball game. During this time, Paterno won his way into the hearts of the Penn State faithful with his actions both on and of the football field. He did it by coaching teams to 409 victories, the most in college football history for a head coach. The people of Penn State would let this man get away with anything, and they still are.

During his time a Penn State, Paterno allegedly let Jerry Sandusky torment young children on campus during the span of many years. Sandusky is now in jail, and Paterno has passed on. But to some, it seems like none of those incidents never happened.

That’s what some of the students and alumni at Penn State are saying, that these incidents never happened. But they did, and it seems that the rest of the world, outside of the Penn State community, has realized this. There is zero reason to be honoring this man in any form or fashion. He allegedly knew of a horrible act that was going on when he was head coach and did nothing about it.

Some of the people at Penn State would say that since it was Sandusky who was tormenting children and not Paterno, that it is OK to honor him. While it may be true that Paterno never touched a young child, and he might have did many good deeds in his life, by remaining silent, he wiped out all of the good things he did. Even if you do not commit a crime, but you know about it and do nothing, you still end up in trouble. I am sure that if it was any other person who did this, the community of Penn State would be up in arms about honoring a dishonorable man.

But it’s not, and the people of Penn State are still behind him.  Even though the rest of the people wanted Penn State to forget Paterno, they refuse to. Going on to honor this man at a game shows that the university does not care about all of the lives that were devastated by both Paterno and Sandusky.

Now, it is the right of the people at Penn State to do this. It just seems very tone deaf to the world that we are all living in. Sending this message that they are sending is a dangerous one for young kids to hear. It saying that as long as you are good at football, it does not matter what you do. There is still somebody willing to stand behind you.

As long as we continue to send this message, horrible thing such as this will just continue happening. It is time for the people of Penn State, and those who take sports too seriously. There are some things more important in this life than football.    

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