Rood expresses love for science, mentoring

by MATT MOLINAR//Opinion Editor

When Sam Rood isn’t attending classes or doing homework, you can find her in the gym, or in the Science Building tutoring biology students.

Rood grew up in New Mexico after being born in North Carolina. She has been living in Levelland since she moved in 2006.

As a college student at SPC, Rood is a pre-med major.

After she earns her bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech, Rood plans on applying to medical school. as she plans earn a degree and become a doctor.

“I want to go to TTU, because it has an amazing program for science majors,” Rood says, “That’s where I want to spend my time getting ready for medical school. It’s also close to home, and the history and the art of its architecture make it so beautiful.”

Rood spends her free time working out at the gym. She agrees that her interest in biology might be what encourages her to go to the gym.

“When I’m in the gym, I think a lot about what I learn in biology,” Rood said. “I think about the organic compounds and enzymes, and how they work in my body. Anatomy and physiology of the body also comes to mind when I’m working out. I work out so I can feel good.”

Rood says she loves learning about living creatures and humans, along with how they work in an ecosystem.

“It is just so interesting to me,” Rood said. “I’ve earned an A for both science major biology classes, and I love to dedicate myself.”

Rood has also began dedicating her time to the organization “Big Brothers, Big Sisters,” where you can become a child’s mentor and spend time with him or her, essentially becoming their big brother or sister.

“I think it’s important to have a mentor when you’re young,” Rood said. “I want to make a positive impact on my little sister’s life.”

In 10 years, Rood says she sees herself becoming a doctor, hopefully in a large city. She says the people she holds close to her have been her biggest proponents.

“My mother and my siblings have definitely been the ones inspiring me,” said Rood. “Most of them all have master’s degrees. It’s funny, because my mom and my sister were accounting majors, and my other sister was an English major, while I am a biology major.”

Rood says another person in her life she considers encouraging has been her boyfriend of six years, Claudio Bustos, who she met while attending Levelland High School. He also attended SPC and is currently in his senior year at Texas Tech University.

“He always pushes me to do my best,” Rood said. “He really helps encourage me to work hard.”

On top of attending college, working out and her relationship, Rood works six days a week at Sonic. She explains that balancing time can be difficult, but it doesn’t stop her drive to become successful.

“Trying to be the best that I can be is really what motivates me,” Rood said. “I also really like the idea of helping people. My main goal in life is to always help people. Everything I do ties into helping people. That’s why I tutor biology students. I’m also encouraged by my little sister.”

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