State of Color draws rave crowd



People are different inside and out, but at A State of Color you can come as you are and be accepted by everyone, no matter your age, height, weight, or appearance.

ASOC is an electronic concert where you can go enjoy music, people, and be covered in paint. The event was held on Sept. 23 at the Lone Star Amphitheater in Lubbock.

“Honestly, the kindness of the people who go to the EDM shows,” said Kelsey Parker, a Lubbock native. “I never really fit in anywhere when I was younger. When I came into the scene, I felt so welcomed, like I was part of a family.”

Before people start showing up, promoters, the staff of the Lone Star Amphitheater, and the staff of ASOC, set up the stage.

I would have to say the production is what I like most about A State of Color,” said John Cole, a local promoter. “The lights, walls, and paint blasts, they are visual experience that are not easy to forget.”

The event started with local electronic artists at 5:15p.m. Eyeronick started the show, followed by Drum Andrew, and DGM.

“Seeing the crowd move in one motion and knowing that no matter what situation everyone is going through, they can come together as one,” said DGM. “Being at ASOC was like a dream for me. I got to share a stage with four artists I looked up to in my music career.”

As the crowd starts to grow in numbers, Jesse Hutton took the stage to perform. He begins to pass out paint bottles. When the bass drops, the crowd goes wild with the paint.

Jesse Hutton was the only who passed out paint bottles during the entire show,” said Dylan Conti, a San Antonio resident. “The only bad part about it was that you had to be pretty close to the stage to grab the paint.”

P.L.U.R. is something that everyone at EDM shows follows. It stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Some individuals will also make kandi bracelets out of pony beads to trade and give them to others with a handshake, uniting them as friends.

“That’s when P.L.U.R. really shows, and everyone notices,” said Breanne Robbins, a Dallas resident. “To me, it just made sense to come see ASOC in my hometown where I was introduced to everything. And it’s amazing to see old friends I’ve known forever and meet plenty of new friends.”

After Hutton left the stage, Mike Cervello, Cesqeaux, and Wiwek followed after him. The Lonestar Amphitheater started to get packed as it got closer to Yellow Claw’s showcase.

“In the heat of the moment, when the music is going crazy, and the crowd is going crazy, nothing felt more relieving than getting covered in cold paint,” said Jacob Ayub, a Frisco resident. “It made it an awesome experience and a fun way to cool off.”

As Wiwek finished his set, the Amphitheater went dark and the crowd got silent as music starts to play. By 10:30 p.m., there was approximately 2,000 people waiting for Yellow Claw. As the music began, the lights came back on, and green and pink paint is splattered all over the crowd. Yellow Claw introduced Rochelle as she joined him on the stage to sing with his music.

“I absolutely loved the moment Yellow Claw came out,” said Lynn Kennemur, a student at South Plains College. “I remember just having a feeling of escape when he started his music. I felt as if I could conquer the world, and nothing is out of reach.”

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