Tebow deserves respect going after dream

by DOMINICK PUENTE//Staff Writer

Former ESPN analyst Tim Tebow has not only talked about playing baseball as a professional, but he is following through with his word.

Tebow recently made it into the sports news once more by inviting scouts from all Major League Baseball teams in the country to watch him hit, throw, and field balls in the outfield and infield in early August.

As a result of a solid performance, Tebow was signed by the New York Mets to participate in the instructional league where coaches will basically try to help get Tebow back into shape and get the rust off of his mechanics.

The instructional league is far away from getting playing time on the big stage, let alone a spot on the bench. However, it is a big step of progress for the former NFL player toward possibly getting to follow his dream in the MLB.

For Tebow, I see it as a situation where if he shows promising improvement in the following months, then I will continue to support him and his dream. But if his mechanics and performance falls off, there is no point in wasting the organization’s and his own time.

He has not played a single out, at bat or inning of baseball since his junior year of high school and has passed his college years.

I am impressed with him making the team. The instructional league might not be much to gloat over, but not many people can say they tried out and even became a apart of the organization.

The Mets have a well-established organization with deep roots in the coaching world. Tebow will get the necessary coaching, strength training and dieting in order to improve his overall performance, weight and mentality for the game of baseball.

I want to continue following his journey from the instructional league to hopefully watching him play on the big stage of baseball.

Tebow’s story has mostly drawn my attention due to his surprise announcement of wanting to play major league baseball. I have grown up wishing I could play baseball for a career and make great money.

Tebow gives me that sense of someone who is not generally looked at to play baseball, but a certain team made the decision to sign a potential let-down and see what he can bring to the table.


Tebow presents a possibility of being a letdown when all is said and done. However, all Tebow could ever need is one chance to prove to the doubters and everyone that he deserves a spot to compete with the best and play with the best.

Rooting for Tebow could not get the best responses from everyone because he is just doing it because he can. However, Tebow has proven that his character does not point to that type of publicity stunt.

He has shown the sports world that he does what he truly loves, and I believe the game of baseball is one of those things. That is why I have jumped on the Tebow bandwagon, because he was given a shot at doing what he loves and he can prove why he deserves to be on the team.

Whether or not he shows promise in the future, it is hard not to cheer for a person who is trying to accomplish something good.

Besides praising Tebow for his actions, the Mets organization should receive a lot of praise for giving him a chance, since the other 29 teams who watched him work out chose not to do so.

I understand that with every signing of a player there is a risk involved, due to a large number of things that could happen. But that is the point of taking the risk. It could end negatively or positively.

No one can predict the future, but taking chances is a part of everyday life. I credit the Mets for taking the chance of signing Tebow, regardless if it is just the instructional league, or moving him up the starting lineup of a big league game in the future.

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