Deadline for December graduation approaches

by BRANDI ORTIZ//News Editor

Applications for December graduation are currently available to students who have all requirements met. The deadline of Nov. 8.

Students who are not sure if they are eligible should contact their program advisor.

To be eligible to graduate, a student must have at least a 2.0 grade-point average or better, and have finished all degree requirements.

If a student is receiving a certificate and an associate’s degree, he or she must make sure to apply for each, separately.

Robin Coler, SPC graduation clerk, says, “[Students] who are doing an associate’s degree need to make sure that they are TSI compliant and have completed all of their course work.”

Once those requirements have been met, students can go online and fill out the free online graduation application.

To complete the application, students must sign in to their MySPC account, click on the ‘Students’ tab, then ‘Admissions and Records’, then on the left- hand side, click on the ‘Forms and Tools’ link and there will be a blue link with the graduation application attached.

“When the application is turned in, we’ll put it under review after final grades are posted,” said Coler.

Once the application is reviewed, it takes about six to eight weeks after the winter break for the applicant to hear back.

Students who are approved to graduate in December will receive a diploma through the mail. They also can participate in the spring graduation ceremony that will be held on May 12. If a student is not able to participate in the graduation ceremony, he or she has to be excused and given permission to graduate in absentia.

For help, students can contact their program advisor or go to the Administration Building and see Coler in the Admissions and Records Office.

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