Satterwhite discusses need for transparency regarding college information

by SARA MARSHALL//Editor in-Chief

Transparency within South Plains College is a top priority for the administration.

This transparency was showcased when Dr. Robin Satterwhite, president of SPC, presented his first State of the College Address on Oct. 7 in the Sundown Room of the Student Center on the Levelland campus.

“It is very important to identify multiple ways to communicate with the many different employees,” Dr. Satterwhite said. “This is just one of several ways that I hope to share information with our faculty and staff to ensure that they are informed about the climate in which we operate and make strategic decisions.”

Topics which Dr. Satterwhite shared with those in attendance included a review of the current budget, updates on the construction of the Lubbock Center, legislation affecting the college and education plans.

“Only time will tell how much of an impact that this particular meeting will have on our organization,” Dr. Satterwhite said. “However, this is just one of many ways that I hope to improve the overall communication and understanding within our great college.”

One plan which the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has presented is the 60x30TX initiative. Dr. Satterwhite focused on this plan during the address, saying he believes that community colleges will play an important role in helping to achieve the initiative’s goals, which state that at least 60 percent of Texans ages 25 to 34 will have a college certificate or degree by the year 2030.

“No other component of the higher eduction system is better positioned than the community college to provide the educational opportunities at an affordable cost,” said Dr. Satterwhite. “South Plains College serves a very large region, and we will be able to provide the access, both educationally and economically, with a wide array of degrees and certificates that are very appealing to potential students and employers.”

Reminding faculty and staff that SPC is still a business, Dr. Satterwhite discussed how the cost of tuition compares with that of Texas Tech University. By attending classes for two years at SPC, prior to Texas Tech, students can save $27,000, the price of a new car.

Because students are searching for a designated pathway to success, Dr. Satterwhite stressed the plan to develop and strengthen the partnership SPC has with high school and transfer students, as well as identify ways in which the campus operations can be efficiently improved.

By sharing important information regarding SPC and decisions the Board of Regents make during their meetings, Dr. Satterwhite says he hopes that the faculty and staff can stay informed of different ways that they can help change and influence the lives of current and potential students.

“I hope to encourage all employees to seek out ways that they can better meet our overall mission of educating our students,” Dr. Satterwhite said.

Students, faculty and staff wishing to view the State of the College Address can watch a recorded copy by accessing the SPC Texans webpage, choosing the ‘Watch Games’ option in the menu, and selecting On Demand on the provided tabs. The event description is labeled as South Plains College State of the College and can be viewed in a new webpage.

“We have a very committed group of faculty and staff who are interested in providing the very best opportunities for our students,” Dr. Satterwhite said. “It is important that I provide each of them with as much information possible that will allow them to best achieve our mission and to empower them to make change.”

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