Zoning out can cause distraction

by AARON FLORES//Staff Writer

I always catch myself staring off into space just thinking about different stuff. 

Nothing really comes to mind. You’re just lost in your deepest thoughts, thinking here, there and everywhere, trying to figure out what you did last week. But all you can do is draw a blank. I don’t know if it’s a weird habit of mine, or just trying to waste time so I don’t have to be in class for an hour and half. I always try to recall everything I did in the past, from when I was kid to present day. Then I end up getting bored or someone catches me looking in their general direction, so I end up snapping out of my dazed and confused mindset, looking around and trying to wake myself up get the blood pumping again.

I try not to look like I wasn’t slacking off, or nearly to the brink of falling asleep, during a lecture. I play it off pretty well at times, if I got a good night’s rest that night. But lately I’ve just been off my game. Maybe I’m just stressing that mid terms are here and I haven’t really done anything in my class but daydream and be on my phone, telling myself the same lie, “I’ll do this later,” which I won’t because I’ll be too busy watching something on “Netflix” or some sort of social media entertainment,

Realizing you have a really bad habit of procrastination and daydreaming all the time really makes you lose track of time. I just found out the other night that we only have five weeks left in this semester. I personally feel like I have wasted a majority of my time just going back to Lubbock right after every class, just to be doing the same thing that I did when I was attending high school. But yet again there is nothing to do here in Levelland. Either way, I’m back doing the same thing, just thinking and trying to figure out stuff like what tomorrow brings me and the world.

I waste time in a very odd way. Yeah, I play video games and hang out with friends, or either go out and do something, or just chill at the house. I always get sucked into my own personal thoughts. It’s fun at times, because I always find out something new that I have never known about before, like new music from different cultures or historical events that some people don’t know about. I like the whole “food for thought” thing. I gives me a reason to think and waste my time in a more productive way.

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