Prescott should stay as starter with Romo battling age, injury

by STEVEN GEHEGAN//Editorial Assistant

The time has come for the Dallas Cowboys to change the guard with their quarterbacks. 

After close to nine years of the same quarterback play, it is time for the Cowboys to make the right decision. When Tony Romo finally gets healthy, the Cowboys need to keep Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott as the starter and not give the job back to Romo.

There are several reasons for this, including the health of Romo. It has been years since Romo has played a full season. With only 16 games in the regular season, every game counts. If Romo cannot be counted on to be healthy for the majority of the season, then it might be time for the Cowboys to switch quarterbacks permanently. Romo is a family man, and football is a violent sport that takes its toll on the body. It might be time for Romo to think about leaving the game of football.

Then there is Romo’s record as a starter, which has been really pretty good during the regular season. But then comes the post-season.  Romo only has two playoff victories in the past nine years, which is not up to the standards of current and past great quarterbacks in the league. There were even three years in a row when the Cowboys had a shot to make the playoffs with a winning record, and each year they lost to another team in their division. After nine years, we have a good idea of who Romo is at this point, a good regular-season quarterback with no postseason success.

Then the Cowboys drafted Prescott in the fourth round of the 2016 Draft, to be the backup quarterback to Romo. After a great preseason from Prescott, and Romo suffering an injury to his back again, Prescott got his chance to start. Prescott continued his preseason success by leading the Cowboys to a 5 – 1 record. He also broke Tom Brady’s record of 162 passes without an interception to start a career. While it has only been six games, it would seem that Prescott would give the Cowboys the best chance to win, now and in the future.

Prescott has not been to the playoffs yet or played in a must-win game. But with the way he is playing, he gives them the best chance to win. I have seen Romo in a clutch situation many times with negative results. The Cowboys need someone who they can depend on in the clutch.

Even if the Cowboys do not win this year, they need to give Prescott time to grow with this young and talented team. It will help the Cowboys in the future if Prescott can build chemistry with Desmond “Dez” Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott, and the best offensive line in the National Football League. The more they play together, the better chance the Cowboys will have in the near future.

Prescott needs to be the starter from now on, and we can only hope that the Cowboys can make the smart decision.

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