BackTalk: Dairy, for better or worse

Dairy industry exploits cattle

by MATT MOLINAR//Opinion Editor

Dairy is scary.

Despite what your parents probably told you about milk when you were a child, it’s actually bad for you.

There’s almost nothing humans do more barbaric than forcing a cow to get pregnant, then taking its baby away so milk can be harvested.  Cows will only lactate when they are either pregnant, or have a newborn. So how is milk mass produced? Hundreds of cows are impregnated then separated from their young, which are raised in cages and sold for veal. They do this over and over to keep producing milk. As long as old Bessie’s living, she’ll be making milk for us her whole life.

But before the females are impregnated, semen has to be extracted from bulls. The bulls are placed on a machine that basically forces them to produce semen. This is done by shoving a giant rod into the bull’s anus.

In what many people in the industry call a “rape rack,” the female cows are impregnated using a long, thin tube that is inserted into the vagina.

If the result of the milk making is a female calf, she will be raised to do just what her mother did her whole life. Momma cows that collapse and can no longer thrive are sold for beef, so at least they’re being put out of their misery.

It is very common for dairy cows to become extremely ill. Because cows are used as milk-making machines their whole lives, the cows can prematurely age, become exhausted and develop mastitis, or inflammation of the udder. This causes the udder to become infected and mixes the milk with pus and even blood, which is usually filtered, but not completely. Got pus?

The Neanderthals that began drinking milk weren’t drinking the same processed junk we drink today. Today’s milk is stripped of its nutritional content. Today’s milk has been proven by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to actually cause osteoporosis and many other bone diseases. Drinking milk does absolutely nothing beneficial to the body, but we continue to tell our kids that they must drink milk in order to be stronger.

Dairy cows are also injected with chemicals that keep them from getting viruses. After the milk has been introduced to pus, pesticides, and filtered, it becomes acidic and hard for humans to digest it.

There have always been healthier alternatives to cow milk. Rice milk, almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk are all delicious alternatives.

Making the choice to cut milk out of your diet can clear your skin, increase your stamina, reduce digestive problems and promote an overall healthier life.

Dairy cows are sexually, emotionally, and physically tortured in the dairy industry. As long as we are purchasing cow milk and cheese, we are funding a program that exploits beautiful creatures with emotions and awareness. Anybody wanting to prevent or reverse osteoporosis is better off taking calcium pills.

Milk necessary for health

by NOELL LUNA//Staff Writer

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of warm cookies is milk. 

Milk is not only the perfect drink to go with cookies, but also plays a big part in growth and health with the human body. It is part and parcel of the diet of all young and old. It is a balanced diet, which contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Milk contains all which are needed for the proper development of the body. Therefore, it best suits babies and the sick.

Milk contains calcium. Newborn babies are fed on mother’s milk for many different reasons. Some mothers do not breast feed and use a different type of method that still contains a type of milk. The milk coming from the mother’s breast helps the baby’s growth. Milk from animals helps in the formation of bones. The next best thing to mother’s milk is cow’s milk.

We prepare a lot of things from milk. There is butter, curd, lassie, cheese, cream and several sweets that sell like hot cakes. They are relished by everybody. We use milk in large quantities when it comes to tea. Not only does milk come from a cow, like they teach us in elementary school, but it also comes from other animals, such as goats and even dogs, so they can feed their newborns.

Milk, in its purest form, is rare now. People have become dishonest. They are adulterating milk by adding water to it, or they extract cream from it. These practices destroy the food value of milk. These days, tea is more popular than milk. Tea may be cheaper, but it is more harmful to your health. Milk strengthens bacteria in our bodies to resist diseases, but tea destroys the bacteria. As far as we know, tea should not be given to children.

Milk goes through many steps of processing before it can actually be sold on the market. Milk has to go through pasteurization more than a few times to ensure good quality. Milk is also boiled to make sure that there are no remaining bacteria. With that being said, it depends on the people who work at these processing plants to ensure that one is getting good milk. Milk is also separated into many different categories, such as 1 percent and 2 percent. Most of what people buy today is whole milk, which is what I prefer over any other type of milk. Having different types of milk is also another reason why milk is so great and has so many different good qualities for the human body.

There are many more reasons that milk is healthy for you, one being that it makes your bones stronger. It provides your body with all the right proteins. It also helps reduce fat, depending on how many servings of milk you drink per day. Milk is definitely something worth keeping in your daily routine, especially in your diet.


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