Broken curse good for Cubs, city of Chicago


Two teams, a Billy Goat curse, and a phenomenal year created a monumental World Series for the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. 

Every year, I wait for that special time around my house known as the World Series week. This year came as quite a shock, with the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians as the two teams playing in it. The Cubs and Indians couldn’t have been a better pair for each other, two teams who haven’t won a World Series in an extremely long time. Although I’m not a Cubs or Indians fan, I cheered on the Cubs.

Watching the World Series was the most exceptional games I have ever witnessed. Watching the crowd fill the stadium, seeing the ages of people in the stands, and observing the smiles on the faces of the Cub fans was a sight worth seeing. I cleared my schedule and did not miss a second of it. The Cubs and the Indians created an epic atmosphere to fight to the finish. Each team showed their capabilities, but one team melted as the other team excelled. Watching the games broke my heart, made me scream in excitement and rage, and made me beam with happiness for the Cubs.

Each game was either a blowout or a tight squeeze for one team to get by. I watched the fifth game in anticipation that it might be the Cubs’ last game, but they pulled out a victory to stay in the running. Game six was an exciting moment for myself and, I’m sure, all Cub fans around. It was the set up the Cubs needed to bring down the Indians.

There was tenseness throughout my whole body, thrills running down my spine, and every breath I took was in through my nose out through my mouth as I prepared to watch the last game of the series which could make or break the Cubs.

Game seven was one of the most intense, long-awaited, stressful games ever witnessed by many, including me.

Throughout the game, it became a constant battle between the Cubs and the Indians. On the edge of my seat, I watched as the game went into an extra inning. With a rain delay, tie scores, and an extra inning, this game became the most intense game I have ever watched.

After 108 years, the curse of the Billy Goat has been lifted, a monumental milestone for the Cubs. This moment was the most exciting thing to happen in the World Series in a very long time. Even though I’m not a huge Cubs fan, I couldn’t help but be extraordinarily happy for the team. Although it would have been better for baseball if the curse still existed, it is about time it’s gone.

Watching the World Series this year was an intense ride from the beginning, with a wonderful outcome. The Chicago Cubs deserved that win more than any other team in the League.

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