‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ story may lead to successful sales

by AARON FLORES //Staff Writer

It has been six long years since Rock Star released one of the most iconic games known to man. 

“Red Dead Redemption” is a western game based in the year 1911, as the old west is dying out. You play as John Marston, a former out law who has to get back on his horse to hunt down three men he used to ride with. The government is holding his wife and son hostage until he brings these men to justice. While traveling the final frontier to find these men all the way from the United States to Mexico, you will make allies and enemies through the Old West.

“Red Dead” also has side missions, and you determine if you want John to go down the path of righteousness or go down a more sinister path. The choices you pick will be displayed in a honor meter. High or lower will affect how the people in the game will interact with you and the stores as well.  I’m not going to spoil anything about this timeless classic for those who have not yet played it.

“Rock Star” has always managed to make an outstanding story, no matter if it’s old gunslingers in the West trying to save his family, or in the big city racing cars and making movies in the underground world of selling drugs. You will always remember these timeless classics that Rock Star has been so grateful to provide the world with, these enjoyable games that the majority of us have grown up on.

Rock Star recently released the teaser trailer for “Red Dead Redemption 2.” The game looks like it is taking place in the same timeframe as the last game. But I won’t be surprised if the game is a prequel, since the first one starts off after John Marston was betrayed by his old gang and left for dead. Providing a more detailed background story of this bounty hunter will bring hours of fun for old and new fans. The game will also have the same feature as “Grand Theft Auto Five,” where you can have the ability to switch from first to third person. This will change how you experience the whole game.

With the new graphics, I personally think this game will be in the top three most bought and played games in 2017. The game doesn’t have an official date to be released, but it is expected to be some time in the fall of 2017. I can’t wait to play this game after wishing for years that a game like “Red Dead Redemption” would make a comeback.

The prayers of thousands of gamers have been answered. This is the year when video games make a comeback by making some memorable games.

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