Reese Center Library holding annual stocking drive

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer

Help spread Christmas cheer with the Reese Center Library staff as they hope to brighten the holidays for many children.

The Reese Center Library is once again holding a stocking stuffer drive for this Christmas to give to children. Organized by the student workers and staff of the Reese Center Library, the drive is to collect items that will be put into a stocking that will be donated to the local hospitals, Women’s Protective Services, Hope House, and My Father’s House.  They hope to fill 200 stockings this year, exceeding their stocking count from last year, according to Tracey Pineda, librarian at the Reese Center campus.

This will be the seventh year that the stocking drive is taking place. The distribution of the stockings stays within the Levelland and Lubbock communities. There is a wide variety of items that can be donated as stocking stuffers, from infant clothing to playing cards. The library donates to children ranging from just days old to 18 years old.

Toys are also a great gift for many of the children.

“The majority of the children are between probably 3 to 12,” explained Pineda.

Some ideas for toys include action figures, cars, dolls, markers, and pencils. For the older kids, the items could include nail polish, socks, scarves, and more.

“We try to stuff stockings so that we have stockings for young children and teenagers, whoever is there,” Pineda added.

They want to have a variety of items that are appropriate to any age group they may encounter.

The library welcomes as many donations as possible. All items donated will be used or saved.

“Anything that we have left that is not perishable, we will save it,” Pineda said.

Last year, the students and staff had enough donated items that they were able to go farther than their intended goal.

“We had enough that after the donations were made to the places we had been going to traditionally, we let people know that if there was anybody else that knew kids in need, please be in touch,” explained Pineda.

In the past, they were able to personally deliver stockings to children in the hospital.

“At UMC, the students were able to go down the ward and actually see the kids in the rooms,” said Pineda.

The gifts are a way for the kids to have something while they are in their rooms. At another hospital, the student workers were not allowed in the rooms. But they were still able to interact with many children. Some of the children came down to a central room. The student workers were able to not only hand out the stockings but also do crafts with the children.

“It was really neat to see how responsive they were,” said Pineda, “and that we really did make them feel better.”

The library was able to deliver more than 190 stockings last year, according to Pineda.

For three years now, Portrait Innovations has donated a $100 gift certificate to the drive. This certificate is valid for portraits at any of their studio locations within the United States, including the Lubbock location within the Kingsgate Center. The Library plans to raffle off the gift certificate to help raise money for the stocking drive. They will announce the winner before the end of the fall semester.

The Reese Center Library staff and students hope to start delivering the gifts by Dec. 7. They will be accepting donations until Dec.16, the last day of the semester.

Items can be dropped off at both the Reese Center and Levelland libraries. For information about the stocking drive, contact the Reese Center library at (806)716-4694.

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