Student shares inspiration, passion for art

by IRENE RIOS//Staff Writer 

Art student hopes to encourage young students as art teacher

Sketchbooks, charcoal, paint and pastels are a few of things you can find in this unique art student’s bag.

Brianna Cruz, is a sophomore currently attending South Plains College and majoring in art. After SPC, Cruz plans on transferring to Texas Tech University, where she plans on majoring in Art Education. After getting her degree, Cruz hopes to become an art teacher and inspire students to create art.

Her earliest memories of learning to draw begin when she was a small child.

“I remember watching my grandfather draw,” recalls Cruz. “My grandparents were always buying me paper and sketchbooks, and I would start drawing in them.”

It wasn’t until middle school that Cruz was able to take an art class and begin improving her skills.

“I remember being in class working on a self-portrait and realizing that this was what I wanted to do with my life,” said the Lubbock native.

Cruz says that she enjoys art because it’s an outlet for her to express herself. She is able to convey what emotions she’s feeling through the art she creates.

“You can be inspired by anything,” said Cruz, “and that is what I really enjoy. You can go crazy with your art. I can draw a person and give them green skin. There are no limits.”

Cruz was inspired by both her grandfather and uncle to pursue art as a career. Growing up and watching them both create art influenced her greatly. She hopes to do the same when she becomes a teacher.

“I was able to learn how to express myself through art at a young age,” explained Cruz. “I want to help kids get that same chance.”

When Cruz first began practicing her art skills, she had moments when she would get discouraged after seeing art by other people and how advanced some of them were. Although her skills have improved since she first started drawing, Cruz said that she still finds herself having moments of intimidation. But she’s able to find positivity in those moments.

“There are going to be other artists who are better than you,” said Cruz. “But art is art. It doesn’t matter how good you are. It’s art, and it’s yours.”

This is Cruz’s first semester at the Levelland campus. She has spent the previous two years at the Reese Center campus.

Recently, for one of her classes, Cruz had a project called “Ink-tober.” For this project, students were to focus on two pieces during a weekend in October and complete it using only ink. Although the project was a challenge for Cruz, she gained a lot from her experience. She was able to accept that not all her art would be perfect, and all she needed to do was pay attention to detail and the results would be wonderful.

“Trust me,” said Cruz, “I know I’m nowhere near perfect. But when I practice every day, I find that I’m getting better.”

When Cruz isn’t working on schoolwork or practicing on her art, she enjoys reading, and, most importantly, catching up on her sleep.

Cruz encourages those who wish to improve their art, or begin to learn how to draw, to practice as much as they possibly can.

“Don’t get discouraged,” Cruz said.  “You’ll get there eventually. Art comes in any shape and form; it doesn’t have a specific look. Someone will be better than you in a certain area, but you’ll also be better in certain areas. Don’t give up. Keep practicing.”

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