UFC comes to New York after ban removed

by DOMINICK PUENTE //Staff Writer 

Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez will go toe-to-toe in one of the biggest fighting events in UFC history in the Big Apple. 

UFC 205 will create history for the city of New York after the city passed a law allowing martial arts events to be held within the state of New York.

Martial arts events have become a popular sporting event within the past few decades, gaining a lot of revenue and sponsors in the process.

The state of New York has made a smart decision by bringing one of the most popular sports to the area on Nov. 12.

Hopefully, other states that outlawed these fighting events will follow in New York’s footsteps and bring positive results to their area as well.

Boxing has been the clear leader of the two types of fighting, but mixed martial arts has taken over the fighting scene.

The UFC has brought in large amounts of money and great notoriety. These types of events will bring more wealth to the Big Apple.

Many fighters of the UFC train and originate from New York. In previous interviews, the fighters expressed their dream to fight in front of their hometown people and put on a good show.

Being able to fight in their home states should not be a problem within the fighting community. However, bringing martial arts fighting to the state of New York would prove to be another underground gambling problem.

Though this problem was raised within the committee when debating the topic, it would have not affected crime.

Gambling is an addiction that will never be fixed or eliminated.  I believe that was a good reason for following through with the removal of the ban.

These types of events bring in revenue from all areas around the world. Money is a key component when big cities want to host important events ranging from plays and concerts to sporting events.

New York does not necessarily need any more buzz or notoriety to get people to flood back to the city. But it is an added bonus that these two things are presented toward the city.

Only positive outcomes can come out of hosting one of the biggest sports events in 2016.

The city has been waiting for the UFC to make an appearance, and the league has done a great job compiling the fights on the fight card.

Having the two super powers of the UFC in McGreggor and Alvarez in the main event will have Madison Square Garden surging with excitement and anticipation.

These two top fighting athletes will give thos e in attendance and those watching on television a great fight.

Other superstars such as Meisha Tate, Tyron Woodley, Chris Weidman, Donald Cerrone, Thiago Alves, Rishad Evans and Michael Johnson are among the fighters who will step into the Octagon on Nov. 12.

This card is very impressive, with multiple title fights, including the anticipated main event.

With this being the first major martial arts fighting event in New York, it is only fitting to have an amazing fight card.

This fight will be an important event for the fighting community and the state of New York and the city.

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