Death of dictator stirs emotions worldwide

by NICK ALVARADO//Sports Editor

Cuban state television announced on Nov. 25 that longtime president Fidel Castro had died.

The next day, Cubans across the island nation were cheering because Castro was no longer alive.

As the news spread around the world, some grieved and some celebrated the death of the former president of Cuba. 

To those who are unaware of the Americans celebrating the death of Castro, Cubans best described Castro as a “dictator,” “evil,” and “the modern version of Hitler.” Some may say that Castro was also the reason why Cuba and the United States had bad relations right before the Cold War. Some may argue that Castro also brought the world to the brink of a potential world war.

During his terms, Castro was targeted by many people who wanted to assassinate him while he was in office. In total, Castro survived more than 600 attempts on his life.

Numerous events that took place in Cuba include the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis while Castro was at the helm.

With Castro’s death, Cubans are moving closer to having good relations with the United States and could improve the economy in Cuba.

Many Americans may say that with president-elect Donald Trump taking office in January, relations with Cuba may dwindle.

Americans should take the time to give Trump an open mind come January. Cuba appears to have calmed down since the Cold War times, and the United Stastes could potentially get some imports from Cuba.

Trade may improve for both Cuba and the United States. Cuba’s crops include coffee, potatoes, rice, sugar, tobacco and tropical fruits. The United States is currently getting trade from South American countries with coffee, sugar and tobacco. With Cuba, imports will be quicker and faster to distribute across the country, and businesses might work at a faster rate in Florida.

With improved ties with our Caribbean neighbor, politics may not be an issue between the two. Despite some American people not being pleased with the new president, Americans should be glad that the dispute with Cuba could be coming to an end. With politics aside, the relationship between the United States and Cuba should be a long-lasting one.

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