‘Dishonored 2’ honors first game as exceptional sequel

by RILEY GOLDEN//Entertainment Editor

The Empress of Dunwall and her father are in the midst of dealing with the Crown Killer when her aunt takes her throne by force.  

“Dishonored 2” is a first-person Action/Adventure game that takes place 15 years after the events of the first game, “Dishonored,” when Empress Jessamine Kaldwin was assassinated and Royal Protector, Corvo Attano, was framed for the murder. So Corvo set out to eliminate the people who were involved in Jessamine’s death and prove his innocence, which he did.

Now, in “Dishonored 2,” the enemies of Empress Emily Kaldwin are being assassinated by the supposed Crown Killer, and people are pointing their fingers at the Royal Protector once more.

At the beginning of “Dishonored 2, ”the player is given the option to play as either Corvo or Emily to take the throne back from her aunt, Delilah. When given the choice, I always play as men in video games, plus, I wanted to play with the same powers I played with in the first game. So, I chose to play as Corvo, and Emily was imprisoned in stone by Delilah.

Delilah stripped Corvo of his powers, forcing the player to escape Dunwall without them. Corvo finds a letter telling him there will be a friendly boat, the Dreadful Whale, waiting off shore for him. Aboard is Meagan Foster. Corvo does not know her, but she knows that Corvo is not the Crown Killer, and that he is being framed for the murders.

Corvo goes to sleep on the Dreadful Whale and wakes up in the Void. “The Void is unspeakable. It is infinite and it is nowhere, ever-changing and perpetual,” says Delilah. The Void is a super-natural place in the “Dishonored” universe, inhabited by the Outsider. The Void is made up of a series of floating islands that are violent and forever changing. The Outsider gives Corvo a mechanical heart and marks his hand, which gives the player access to supernatural powers.

There are many powers, along with strength and agility upgrades, but they take Runes to unlock, which is where the heart comes in. Runes are located throughout the game world, and the heart beats faster the closer the player gets to them. The heart also helps the player locate Bone Charms, which the player can equip to gain certain advantages in the game.

The powers I like to use are Blink, which lets the player teleport a small distance, Dark Vision, which lets the player see enemies through walls and floors, Possession, which lets the player possess a rat or person for a short duration, and Stop Time, which allows the player to do the obvious for a short time.

As far as weapons, Corvo has a pistol and a crossbow with many different arrow types, along with a sword that folds into the hilt and is perfect for drop-down assassinations and parrying with guards.

“Dishonored 2” mostly follows the same plot structure as the first game: make it to and infiltrate a location and kill or eliminate a person involved in the Crown Killer conspiracy. Although “Dishonored 2” is quite fun, I don’t enjoy the locations as much as the locations from the first game.

I give “Dishonored 2” 4 out of 5 stars.

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