Fairytale love is not reality for new generation

by NOELL LUNA//Staff Writer

It is the generation we live in. It is the idea society has put in our heads. It is a thing everyone is doing. 

Everyone is making it seem OK. Everyone thinks it’s cool, or impressive. In reality, it is just sad. It is sad what people call relationships these days. A relationship, to a lot of people, just means having someone that no one else can have because they can’t stand seeing them with anyone else, or being alone. But it is OK if they go out and do whatever they want, even if it is cheating or going out with a group of girls or guys.

I have had so many friends talk to me about their relationships, seeking advice. But when it’s things like “my boyfriend cheated on me,” or “my boyfriend broke up with me because I went to the movies with friends,” how are you supposed to give advice to someone about that? That is so ridiculous. But the worst part is they are still fighting to stay with them. The idea our generation has given to relationships is ludicrous. It is an absolute joke. The words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” mean nothing anymore.

I am not saying all relationships are bad, because there are still people with good morals out there, people who believe in keeping a relationship and not cheating. There are people who realize a relationship only consists of two people. It is sad how someone on the outside viewing such a great relationship has the audacity to ruin such a beautiful thing, out of jealousy or envy of not being able to have his or her own relationship.

Cheaters are people who act dishonestly just to gain an advantage. Cheaters are the reason I don’t believe in love. They are the reason I don’t find hope in any type of relationship, not even friendships. No matter what kind of relationship you have with someone, they will always have the advantage, the upper hand. They have your feelings in their hands. They have the ability to destroy you in a split second. A friend, a best friend, can hurt you in many ways; they can tell all your secrets. They can stab you in the back. I have even seen so called “best friends” stop being friends over guys/girls. It is sad seeing years of friendship go down the drain because of something that more than likely won’t even last.

I’ve seen good people turn into something ugly because of the way they were treated in past relationships. It is terrifying knowing someone can destroy you in that way. It is scary knowing someone can tear you down so far that you just feel like you are absolutely nothing. It is terrible knowing people can play with someone’s feelings like nothing, how they can take advantage of that power. It just isn’t fair, knowing and seeing someone be so hurt that they consider ending their own lives. Who deserves that? Who deserves being treated in such a way? Who deserves crying day and night about someone who wouldn’t even give them the time of day?

There have been so many love songs written. But if you listen to them over time, you can hear the change in what people are singing about. You can hear the change in our generations. Now love songs are about sex, about cheaters, and about heart breaks. They aren’t happy like they used to be. They aren’t about truly loving someone, and that’s because there isn’t real love anymore. Love is a fairytale movies put in our head.

Being attracted to someone is easy. Kissing and having sex is easy, even fun at times. But finding true love is the real struggle.  It is better to live than love. Again, don’t get me wrong. I believe there are people out there right now who are in love and have a wonderful relationship. But there are too many cheaters, players, hypocrites, and fakes for me to believe that anytime soon, love, actual true love, will exist in this extreme generation of ours. There are just too many people taking advantage of other people’s feelings and playing with them for love to belong in this generation. It is making it too hard for the loyal ones, the good ones, to find anything real.

Fake love is what we have now. People are falling in and out of love left and right, or at least that’s what their Facebook statuses are saying. People are getting in and out of relationships all the time. Then there are people dating without titles, just so they can still mess around without it being considered as cheating.

I believe in love; I love my family and friends. I do not believe, nor do I have hope, in an intimate relationship with anyone. I do not believe anyone can truly be serious with someone anymore. I do not believe that there is someone who won’t cheat on me. I do not believe that there is someone who won’t play with my feelings. I believe everyone is living, rather than loving, in this generation of ours.

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