Mac Miller shows respect toward women on new album

by DOMINICK PUENTE//Staff Writer

Turning heads with different styles and versus of rap music, Mac Miller shows a deeper and affectionate point of view towards a women in his newest album.

After a short break from releasing his previous album in 2015, Miller finally put together a well produced album in mid September, “The Devine Feminine.”

During his early years in his rapping career he has released multiple mix tapes and two albums.

However, none of Miller’s previous works have any similarities compared to “The Devine Feminine.” Partying, clubbing, money and prosperity have been the center point for the majority of his songs raps.

Although the clear difference within this 10 song album is the lack of every one of those topics, I find this direction of rap Miller has taken to be refreshing.

Miller has been successful with going in different directions of the crowd in the rap genre; however, I believe this is his best project so far.

As for the album itself, most rappers load their albums with skits or short stories, but Miller only incorporates two which one of is an intro at the beginning of the album.

The overall album gives a sense of how mature Miller has become over the years with his music as each song uses love, long term commitment, sexual desires and strong emotion to drive each song.

Throughout most songs he has released, his rhythmic beats are what make each song stick in my head and each song carries the upbeat style such as “Dang!” and “Soulmate.”

Both songs each carry the same messages that moving from relationship to relationship may be fun, but it is not for him.

Miller’s most popular single from the album “Dang” features Anderson .Paak and .Paak adds a melodic singing style with Miller’s versus allowing the song to still upbeat but with a slow melodic hook.

Other artists that are featured in the album are Bilal, Ty Dolla $ign, Njomza, CeeLo Green, Ariana Grande and Kendrick Lamar.

I believe it is a strong supporting group of artist Miller chose to use in his songs and their specific songs they are used in are good.

Bilal contributes soft spoken versus in the intro of the album “Congratulations.” It is not my favorite song from the album, but I cannot say I completely hate it.

The song itself makes a good intro for the overall album, but not a standalone song.

My two favorite songs with features are “Cinderella” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty.”

“Cinderella is one of the best songs on the album because Miller uses his rapping ability to explain his intimate relationship with a specific women and treating her like the princess Cinderella.

Ty Dolla $ign is known for his impressive rapping skills as well but sings the hook used in the song and it complements the song. He does not have the best singing voice in the world; however, it is not terrible.

As for the song featured by Kendrick Lamar, “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty,” the song title by itself is not necessarily favorable with the conservative music listeners.

It is the number one song on my list for multiple reasons. Even though the song incorporates sex into the lyrics, the deeper message is the love Miller has for a women.

Miller explains how the world is filled with bad and negative entities but she is the only person that he would go through the bad things for.

He does not care what happens around him as long as she is standing next to him and they love each other.

A song can be worth a million words and carry a story and that is why I find this to be a good song.

A more subtle song worth listening to is “My Favorite Part,” featuring Ariana Grande is less explicit with the lyrics, but is still a caring song towards a woman.

He goes into depth about the personality and characteristics he loves about her. Miller also raps about how he will be there for anything she faces and when the world lets her down.

The album overall is well put together and no song individually stands out from the rest with what the message in the song.

The direction of which he went with the project is great and I would rate “The Devine Feminine” album 4 out of 5 stars.

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