New wave of Pokémon released on ‘Sun,’ ‘Moon’

by STEVEN GEHEGAN//Editorial Staff

Pokémon has finally added something new as a story line to the latest installment in the video game series.  

The latest version is known as a “Pokémon Sun” or “Pokémon Moon.” These versions of the game feature mainly generation six Pokémon, with a few from each generation sprinkled throughout.  They also have Pokémon from the first generation that have what is called an aloha form, which is a slight change in appearance from the first generation, and the type of the Pokémon has changed, such as Rattata has been changed from a normal type to a dark type.

There also was an addition of moves called z-moves that are the most powerful moves in the game. The catch is that the move can only be used once in a match.

One of the biggest changes that was made was the fact that they got rid of the gym and the badge system. This was a major adjustment to get used to, since most of the main Pokémon games have been set up the same way. Instead, it was replaced by the island challenge, which includes going around four different islands, and taking the trials that are placed on each island.

At the end of the trial you have to a face a trial captain, which is basically a gym leader. After you beat all of the trials on the island, you have to face the island kahuna, who is the strongest trainer on each island.

Even though it is a different style of progressing through the game, it was nice to play a game that was slightly different. The way the game is set up is like facing more gym leaders. The best part of the game is that it is actually harder than the past few releases. The last few games took about 12 hours to complete, while the new one took about three times that long.

Also, for the first time in a Pokémon game, there is a story line, which is a great addition, considering that all of the other games have no story at all. Compared to other games, the story was not that great. But any kind of story will be great for all of the Pokémon fans out there.

While it was a great game overall, there are still a few issues with it. The main one is that there is only one pokedex in the game. Most games lately have had what is called a nationaldex, which allows you to collect most of the Pokémon from previous games. It was always a fun challenge to collect all the Pokémon that had come from the previous game. But in “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” they have taken away this feature   from this game, which is depressing.

There are a few other minor issues, such as catching a Pokémon that only can evolve if it’s a female.

Other than that, it is probably one of the best Pokémon games that I have ever played. I give it 4 out of 5 starts.


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