Phillipines native turns childhood interests into future career

by IRENE RIOS//Staff Writer

From the Philippines to Texas, Arra Delos Santos carries big dreams with her no matter where she goes.

Delos Santos lives in Lubbock, but she is originally from the Philippines. When she was 9 years old, her family moved to San Diego, California and lived there for around five years before moving to Lubbock, Texas. She has been living in Lubbock for the past six years.

When Delos Santos first moved to the United States, she was so shocked by the environment that she threw a temper tantrum. 

“It was just so dry and hot,” said Delos Santos. “I was so mad I was here. But I love it now; it’s home.”

Delos Santos has been attending SPC for three semesters and is currently taking 15 hours. She is a business administration major, which she describes as a broad category for business.

“There is finance, economics and accounting,” says Delos Santos. “It’s really just general business.”

Delos Santos decided on coming to SPC before a university because of its affordability and size.

“It’s a very tight-knit community,” shared Delos Santos. “I definitely feel like I’m more connected to students. The classes are smaller, so I feel more engaged in my classes.”

Before deciding to become a business administration major, Delos Santos was planning on pursing a career in the medical field.

“Originally, I wanted to be a pediatrician, but I cannot stand blood,” said Delos Santos.

Delos Santos was afraid of disappointing her parents because they were expecting her to become a doctor. After some time and thinking, she decided to choose business administration because she grew up around the business industry for the majority of her life.

“I wanted to choose a major I would be interested in, and one my parents would be happy with,” said Delos Santos. “I really enjoy my major. So it really is a win-win situation.”

After SPC, Delos Santos originally wanted to go back to California and transfer to UCLA. But after doing research, she discovered that they did not offer business administration as an undergraduate degree. She now plans on transferring to Texas Tech University, where she hopes to get her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. Delos Santos has plans for possibly getting a Master of Business Administration degree at another university, but she still has no ideas of where she would like to attend.

Delos Santos says she would like to open a business of her own. Her dream is to open a clothing store.

“I was thinking of going back and getting a degree for fashion design,” said Delos Santos. “It’s something I have always been interested in.”

Growing up, the women in Delos Santos’ life were always into fashion. Because of this, she also began to develop a love for fashion.

“My mom has five sisters, and all six of them would always have new bags and the nicest clothes,” said Delos Santos. “It’s really because of my family that I would like to open a fashion store. I grew up with business and fashion; it’s the perfect choice for me.”

The biggest challenge for Delos Santos this year is the schoolwork. Although not all of her classes are difficult, she does have a hard time trying to maintain her ideal social life. At times, she finds herself having to sacrifice her social life because she has to get schoolwork completed.

“When I get overwhelmed by school, I always try to keep my goals in mind and that this is the work it’s going to take to achieve them,” explained Delos Santos.

Delos Santos says she doesn’t have any plans of living in the Philippines, but she does plan on visiting soon. Since she moved away, Delos Santos has not returned to the Philippines. Like many others who move away from home, she gets home sick from time to time.

“I’ll usually call my cousin and all of my family that still live there,” said Delos Santos. “They help me a lot in those moments.”

When Delos Santos has free time, she hangs out with friends, catches up on some of her favorite TV series, and sketches a few fashion designs.


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