Student arrested for campus vandalism


by BRANDI ORTIZ//News Editor

A South Plains College student recently was arrested for several incidents involving vandalism on the Levelland campus.

Erasmo Paul Gonzalez, 18, from Cotton Center, has been linked to the shooting of windows and doors around campus via an anonymous tip, according to police reports

Gonzalez, who was living in a campus residence hall at the time, is believed to be responsible for more than $5,000 of damage, which is a state jail felony in Texas.

During the night of Nov. 17, there were 12 windows shot at throughout the Levelland campus, many located on the west side of the Communications Building, the Math and Agriculture Building, and the Law Enforcement Building.

“We have some other [incidents] on different dates throughout the year that we believe might be connected to the same individual or group of people who are committing these crimes,” Nick Castillo, campus police chief, told the Plainsman Press.

One of the dates that Castillo mentioned was initially believed to be an accident. A window in Southwest residence hall was hit, but after the Nov. 17 incident, it was considered to be of criminal intent, according to Castillo.

A date that has been confirmed is the Nov. 11 window shootings at the Science Building. Gonzalez allegedly could have been involved in other acts of criminal mischief that happened around town in recent months, according to police reports.

At this time, the total amount of damages has yet to be finalized, but when it is, Gonzalez is expected to be charged with the total.

Police are searching for others who could be linked to the crimes. They ask that anyone who has any information to contact the Levelland Police Department at 894-6164, or the SPC campus police department at 891-8883.

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