Trolls teaches lessons of acceptance, happiness

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer 

Trolls dolls became popular in the 1960’s. They have gone in and out of popularity through the years.

Recently, they have tried to make a comeback. After DreamWorks announced they were making a movie based on the popular dolls, they bought the company outright.

“Trolls” is an animated film directed by Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell. It is a movie full of adventure, happiness, and kooky characters. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with a great sense of humor. 

The Trolls are very little happy creatures, maybe even the happiest. They love to sing, dance, and hug. Their happiness is what makes them so enticing to the Bergens. The Bergens are large and have never experienced the joy of happiness.

This made them angry to see the Trolls so happy. Their solution was to eat them to taste their happiness. The Trolls escape the captivity of the Bergens and hide for many years.

When the Trolls escaped, their princess, Poppy, was only a baby. Soon she had grown up to be a young lady that only knew of the Bergens’ cruelty through the stories that her father, the king, had told her. Soon she would find out how cruel they could truly be.

Branch is a Troll that had lost his voice for a long time and accompanies Poppy throughout the movie. She would then go on a great adventure to rescue her friends and become a hero in many ways.

Some very amazing people voiced the film’s characters. Anna Kendrick provided the voice for Princess Poppy, and her talent showed through her character. Justin Timberlake voiced Branch, and the voices of these two singing stars fit together perfectly. Some other big names include Zooey Deschanel and Gwen Stefani. With all of this talent, of course the movie was great.

While it is a great movie full of fun, it also has an important message. Even though the Trolls are very happy creatures, the Bergens are not. The film expresses how there is happiness in us all, and sometimes you just have to try to find it.

Even through the hardships of life, there is always a silver lining. When someone is not as happy as he or she could be, he or she just might need someone to push them in the right direction. Happiness has the ability to overcome any obstacle.

It also shows that everyone needs to be happy with who they truly are. You should not hide yourself from others based on their opinion. If you are content with yourself, let it shine. No one can stop you from true happiness unless you let them.

The movie was very entertaining and perfect for families, or anyone who just loves animated films. For those who like musicals, it is definitely a good one. Even with all the happiness throughout, you might shed a tear or two. But just like with most animated movies, good conquers evil.

Some songs are well known and some are original. They are all incredible and set the mood throughout the movie.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars and will definitely be seeing it again.

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