Curriculum in school not preparing students for life

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer

In today’s school system, the basics are taught to us pretty well.

We learn math, English, science, and history. These four classes make up our core curriculum. Many would say we do not teach enough to our younger generations.

Yes, the core curriculum is very much needed and applies to almost all future jobs to some degree. But maybe it should be broadened to include more real-life lessons.

When students first graduate from high school, most get jobs or already have one. One thing to consider is if high school helped get the student ready for everything he or she can expect. Many students do not know how to act in an interview or how to make a resume. Some people would say that is vital knowledge in order to move forward.

Another skill is learning how to file taxes. Everyone who works must file his or her taxes, according to the law. Many fresh-faced college students depend on their parents to teach them things that high school did not. This may prove difficult if the student now lives far away or has a conflicting schedule. Prior knowledge of such things would make them more independent and equipped to handle the real world.

One very important lesson needed is how to handle money. Many students who proceed to college end up with debt. It would obviously be a great lesson to learn before a high school diploma is received. With young, inexperienced workers testing out the real world for the first time, money can seem like a luxury item more than a necessity. Soon they will realize the importance of budgeting and managing their money.

Other important skills to have are how to do basic home and auto repairs. Whenever you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, it would be a lot cheaper to be able to change it yourself than to get it towed to a shop. Being able to fix a leaky faucet or a clogged drain would also have a good payoff if done by oneself.

One last important thing to learn would be self-defense. Safety is always a priority. Not everywhere is safe. Everyone should be prepared to protect himself or herself. Hopefully you will never have to worry, but even basic self-defense could help save someone’s life.

These are just a few of the many things that the school system does not teach us but should. If some of these skills were learned in high school, many things would become easier and less stressful. It would help us become more independent faster. This would result in us being able to focus more on some of the other important aspects in life, such as pursuing higher education or progressing in a current job. The more skills, the merrier.

Maybe one day our school system will learn to adapt these lessons to the current core curriculum. It might have a massive positive impact on future generations. Only a change to the current status of our education system and curriculum will prove it to be true.

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