New furniture installed in residence halls during break

by HANNAH NELSON//Staff Writer

Many South Plains College students residing on the Levelland campus came back to modernized dorm rooms after returning from the winter break.

During the break, many of the rooms in residence halls on the Levelland campus received new furniture. The dated furniture was removed and replaced by new modern renditions. Select dorm halls received new beds, dressers, closets, and desks. New furniture was also added to many of the lobby areas in the residence halls.  Magee Hall also received additional renovations to the rooms and outside structure.

There were multiple variables that added to the decision for new dorm room furniture. This included opinions from students looking at the dorms during campus tours and decisions from the administration, as well as the SPC Board of Regents.

“It was time for an update in our halls,” explained Kathryn Perez, associate dean of students. “Luckily, our administration recognized that and approved for us to get new furniture.”

The previous furniture had been damaged and dated through years of use.

“It was all wooden, and the stain had kind of worn off in places,” Perez said, “and we just wanted a more modern look in our dorms.”

The college used the same manufacturer for the furniture that was used for the Tubb and Southwest residence halls, Southwest Contract.

“They are one of the top manufacturers of dorm furniture,” said Cathy Mitchell, vice president of student affairs. “It’s not just some little company, and it’s not just going down the street and buying it. It’s made for dorms.”

The same furniture that the college purchased is used in dorms at Texas A&M. The furniture allows students to arrange and utilize it in different ways. The rooms can be arranged better to fit the comfort of the student residents.

The process of putting in the new furniture started the last week prior to the winter break.

“We had contacted our maintenance people, and as soon as students were out of the dorms, they were there pulling all the old furniture,” Mitchell said.

The students within the select dorms were notified about the procedure so they could prepare.

After the old furniture had been cleared by maintenance staff, the company for the new furniture came in to install all the furniture that was ordered.

“It was about a two-week process with a lot of man power, especially from our maintenance staff,” Perez said.

As of now, the only residence halls that have not received new furniture are those with furniture built in, South Sue and Gillespie. However, the college hopes to have these dorms renovated with time.

“Trying to get it done over the Christmas break, there was just no way that we could pull those out, repair the damage of pulling them out, and get new furniture,” Mitchell said.

The feedback for the new dorm room and lobby furniture has been positive.

“One of the offices on campus that is most excited is our Marketing and Recruitment Office, because they are responsible for all the campus tours,” explained Perez. “They work with us to get rooms to show when a student is on campus to look at the dorms.”

The end result of the furniture is to improve student life.

“I hope the students are as happy about it as we are, and they are happy with the choices that we made,” said Mitchell. “It’s to improve the lives of the students who are here and for future students.”

As for the students, many residents have taken notice of the new look.

“I love the new furniture,” explained Koby Solis, a resident of Lamar Hall. “I believe that that it adds a breath of fresh air to the dorms.”


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