Vampires, Lycans out for blood in new ‘Underworld’ chapter

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer

The latest movie, “Underworld: Blood Wars,” has not left those sudden moments of irony behind, and the common theme of ‘good conquers evil’ still prevails. The movie is action-packed, with perfectly executed stunts and choreographed fights.

Selene is the greatest death dealer of all the vampires. Her skills are unsurpassed. Vampires and Lycans have been in an eternal war since the dawn of their existence. When Selene fell in love with a Hybrid, they were both in immediate danger. The lust the Lycans had for the Hybrid’s pure blood only enraged them more. Selene betrayed her kind, resulting in a bounty on her and her lover.

Soon they had a baby girl. Not long after the girl was born, the Lycans realized her blood was even more pure and desirable. The Lycans soon killed the girl’s father, the Hybrid. In fear of her daughter being found and killed, Selene hid her away where even she could not find her.

In “Blood Wars,” the Lycans have a new leader. His yearning for the blood of Selene’s daughter is extreme. He goes to great lengths to try to find her. But Selene went through many trials and tribulations while also making the ultimate sacrifice. She feels her life has run its course, but faith may have other ideas in mind.

The plot is interesting and keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie. The details in every scene are vividly surreal and pull you in as though you are actually surrounded by the setting itself. Maybe being a vampire in the movie wouldn’t be so bad, since their attire is exceptional and fits the theme. There’s no better way to be a hard-core Lycan killer and rebellious vampire than in a leather bodysuit and corset.

When an attack is plotted against the vampire clan by the Lycans, they believe it would be best to offer Selene sanctuary so she can train their death dealers. Little does Selene know that not all the Vampires would be so forgiving toward her. Time and time again, she faces death and looks into its beady, black soulless eyes. And yet, she conquers all odds.

No actress plays the part better than the stunning Kate Beckinsale. Her cat-like reflexes in the movie are impeccable, and in that leathery outfit, it must be a real struggle. Her male counterpart in “Blood Wars” is played by Theo James. While he is quite the eye-candy, his part is played spectacularly. Both compliment each others roles and fit together quite nicely.

This movie was very entertaining and action-packed. The fight scenes were spectacular, as was to be expected. Even though the previous movies may have been better, “Blood Wars” did not disappoint and may not yet be the end of this franchise. Only time will tell if more is to come.

This movie did not exceed my expectations, but it did meet them. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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