James crosses line by calling out journalist

by DOMINICK PUENTE//Editorial Assistant


With midseason tensions brewing, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James recently made his feelings clear to journalist Frank Isola after a released article.

After an impressive comeback victory against the Washington Wizards, James was asked about rumors of him wanting teammate Kevin Love to be traded for a better option and close friend, Carmelo Anthony.

James responded by calling the article and rumors “trash,” along with continuing to call the journalist “trash” as well.

I have been a long-time fan of James. But as a journalist, his comments and demeanor to get personal with the journalist by calling him names is uncalled for.

James is a grown man who should act like a man and show a glimpse of dignity toward the journalist.

As a sports journalist, it is the person’s job to write about sports, including possible rumors of anything going on within an organization.

Isola, the journalist responsible for the article, explained there was no past hatred between the two and did not mean to offend the superstar in any way.

Lately, James has been on the edge of his seat with his feelings about trades, players and games. But I do not understand why he had to personally attack Isola.

If he just acted as the bigger man and explained that the article is not true, then I would have been perfectly content with that response.

Instead, James chose the route of acting like a child, calling a person names as if it was a playground fight in elementary school.

Any athlete who is asked a question about wanting a teammate traded for another player will undeniably say it is false.

That looks bad for the player in a sense of disturbing the locker room ‘s culture among the team. But going the extra mile to blowup and begin a rant seems like a sign of truth.

The article did not touch base with James personally or hurt his name in any fashion. Any person has a right to disagree with anything written or said. But if it is not personal and pointed toward the person, why should the writer be called out personally for rumors that only apply to business within the team?

Isola is not the one who began the rumors of James wanting to get rid of a teammate just to play beside his “buddy.”

Some people cannot handle a bit of criticism. James has made it clear that he cannot handle critiques from people, another example being the feud with Charles Barkley.

Along with those horrible impressions, a simple trade article is now getting under his skin.

Being a sports celebrity can become toxic, with all the interviews, money, rumors and articles written about an athlete. However, that is the price James has to pay for wanting to be the best player and be great.

Rumors float around a franchise all the time. It is not wrong for a journalist to follow a lead and write about it. James should have handled the situation with better judgment and more dignity.

James has never taken on the roll of a villain of the league or team and should not attempt too. That type of persona sends a message of a lack of respect, knowledge and humility.

With the audience and followers James has, he should not convey those types of actions and messages to the people who follow his every move.

James needs to be smarter and respect the fact that Isola was simply doing his job, which James needs to stick to, rather than having his feelings hurt for attempting to be coach, GM , and owner.

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