New songs create buzz between Sheeran fans

by VANESSA DELGADO//Staff Writer


Ed Sheeran has become a very well renowned singer and songwriter since the debut of his first album.

Even though the artist is from the United Kingdom, he has made himself quite popular in the United States. With each new album, his group of fans becomes greater.

Sheeran can put anyone in a trance with a simple strum of his guitar. He started playing at a very young age, and that set him on a path for greatness. His popularity has gained him much fame and fortune, which he clearly deserves.

Some artists sound very different in person and are clearly not as talented as you once thought. That is definitely not the case with Sheeran. He even goes a step farther at his concerts. His voice may be enough for some fans, but many fall in love with his guitar playing skills as well. At many of his concerts, he goes above and beyond. To play every song, he uses only his voice and guitar to add different beats on a loop to create the beat of each song. It is very surprising to see an artist do something so unique and talented and to go onstage completely solo throughout an entire concert.

He has recently come out with two new songs. “Shape of You” became a hit right from the start. Its upbeat chorus is an instant mood changer and will have anyone dancing to the beat. The song was originally composed for Rihanna, but Sheeran ended up keeping it for himself. Luckily, he did, or else we wouldn’t have this powerful song sung by such an edgy, talented Sheeran. This is a very happy, upbeat song.

“Castle on a Hill” is more of an anthem than a heartfelt lullaby. The compelling chorus makes you want to shout the lyrics out while Sheeran sings along with you. This one makes your heart cry a little. You can almost feel the song reverberating in your chest. It has a feeling that compels your heart to be swallowed in emotion. The song has many real-life situations that almost anyone can relate to. I find myself tapping to the beat subconsciously. Toward the end, the climax of the song fits perfectly and urges the listener to throw out their arms and swing to the beat.

Sheeran has a variety of different songs. In some, he raps, and it’s as if he is singing sweetly into the ear of the listener. In both of these songs, his voice is begging his audience to feel the beat and get up to dance. Both of the songs are well-chosen singles to up the anticipation for his new album. Now his listeners can’t get enough and are begging for more.

Both singles are sung immaculately and instantly catch your attention. The two songs are part of the much anticipated new album, “÷,” that is being released March 3. With both of his singles becoming highly popular, it can only be expected that his album creates a wave of fan appreciation. It is sure to have great reviews. I will definitely be filled with anticipation for the next two weeks waiting to hear the rest of his masterpieces. Ed Sheeran has a bright future, and hopefully he makes music for a very long time.

I give both songs 4 out of 5 stars.


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