Dining hall expands menu to better serve students, faculty

by HANNAH NELSON // Staff Writer


A variety of changes to the daily menus recently were implemented for Texan Hall.

These additions included four new menu options for both the lunch and dinner meal times.

Great Western Dining, a contract company, operates the cafeteria and snack bar on the Levelland campus.

“We have actually been here for 20 years, and he felt like it was time for some changes,” said Mike Rodreick, the food service director for Great Western Dining. “And I agree. I think it’s time for some changes.”

Before these changes, a variety of options were added, including main meals, a salad bar, sandwich bar, and more. Among the changes to the service are new food stations. They now offer a pizza station, pasta station, comfort station, and smokehouse station that students and faculty can choose from.

The comfort station changes from lunch to dinner.

“Things we put together that we know students like,” Rodreick said.

There is a change every day between the afternoon and evening meals. But the smokehouse station is a consistent option for students and faculty. The smokehouse station offers two smoked meats, along with a variety of side dishes including pinto beans, Macaroni and cheese, and potatoes.

“We have a huge smoker out in the back, and we are proud to have it because we can produce a lot of meat,” said Rodreick.

The cafeteria cooks freshly smoked meat every morning.

The other options offered in the cafeteria are a pizza and pasta station. The purchase of a pizza maker was approved so that they make a variety of pizzas to serve. Included are dscn0258vegetarian pizzas to accommodate those who come into the cafeteria who may be vegetarian.

“We felt like that would be a good change for the students,” Rodreick said, “because that is what we are here for, to take care of the students. And, of course, faculty and staff.”

Two trucks arrive each week delivering fresh produce and meat.

“We have people here that check the produce,” Rodreick explained. “And if they do not like the looks of the produce, they send it back.”

Cafeteria employees come in at 5 a.m. to start on the food preparation and the breakfast menu. From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., a different group of workers come in.

“We have quite a few students that we hire, and we also hire high school students that normally work at night time,” said Rodreick.

More changes are planned for the future, according to Rodreick. This includes changing the cafeteria layout to better accommodate the number of people coming through.

“We want to bring the soda machines and the coffee machines inside the cafeteria, maybe make less flow in the serving area,” Rodreick said.

Due to plumbing accommodations that will need to be made, these changes are planned for the summer.

“I am looking forward to some of the changes,” said Rodreick. “I think that Great Western Dining and the college has come to an agreement that we need some changes.”

Great Western Dining Company is glad to be a part of SPC and wants to receive input from the students.

“We are here to feed the students,” he added. “So we make menus for the students. We’ve grown a lot in 20 years…Great Western Dining and the people that work here are very honored to be here.”


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