AlternaTV pays tribute to Green Day during February show

by DESIREE MENDEZ//Staff Writer


The student rock ensemble known as AlternaTV fills the Commercial Music Building with the sound of drum solos and strong vocals.

The band consists of: Chase Gibson from Lubbock, vocals; Moses Chaisouang from Delhart, guitar; Israel Gonzales from Post, vocals; Ashley Moyers from Shallowater, vocals; Joseph Raney from Fort Worth, bassist; Davis Draugahon from Fort Worth, guitar; and Zach Hagris from Jacksonville, Fla., drummer. All attend South Plains College. They are led by Sonny Borba, commercial music program coordinator.

Gibson has been a part of ATV for six semesters, while Gonzales has been a part of ATV for five semesters.

Chaisouang has been with ATV for three semesters, and Draugahon and is in his fourth semester with ATV. Raney, the newest member of ATV, comes from the School of Rock, and is in his first semester with ATV. Hargis is in his second semester with the group.

“The most inspiring thing for me about teaching AlternaTV is seeing the growth in the students, both musically and professionally,” Borba said.  “I hold these students to some high standards when it comes to being prepared and putting on a great show.  It’s really great to see it all come together.”

ATV performs on three Thursdays during each semester, with shows beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Tom T. Hall Studio in the Commercial Music Building on the Levelland campus.

ATV covers a wide range of hard rock music, from Green Day to modern rock.

During their show on Feb. 23, ATV performed a Green Day tribute. They performed songs such as, “Still Breathing,” “When I Come Around,” and “Jesus of Suburbia.” ATV also has covered Fall Out Boy, and AudioSlave.

During their performance, there is a screen that plays when they are on break. It has interviews with the members and other funny stories from the members of ATV.

Gonzales said he likes performing because it is a way to escape reality, and helps others escape reality as well.

“All the nerves disappear when you get on stage,” Gonzales said. “You feel like you are the center of attention, and everyone is zoomed in on you. You are the reason that those people are out there. You want them to have fun and enjoy themselves.”

  Moyers said she enjoys music, adding that it is very emotional and therapeutic.

It isn’t just the members of the ATV band that make a performance a success. Working behind the scenes are Matt Quick, who controls the front house sound, Jeremiah Denning, who monitors world sound, Tom Stalcup and Greg Cook, video, and Dolf Guardiola, audio for video.

Students need to audition to be part of ATV. Being willing to work with others and their ideas is crucial, and being committed to practicing is a big part of being in ATV.

“It influenced a good habit of practice and preparation,” said Gibson. “Also, it helped me set a goal of quality in musicians. It really made me grow a respect for artists and their songs after covering so many.”

ATV is set to return to the stage on April 4 at the Cactus Theater in Lubbock. The performance free to faculty and staff. All are invited to attend.


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